Sunday, December 26, 2021

After Effects: sub jason, 24-month update.

sub jason, 24-Month Update, in his own words.

MsPatty has reminded me that another year has passed, and my lease on Her testicles between my thighs is again up for renewal.  As it was a year ago, public opinion is being sought out to influence Her decision and possibly define Her activities around that decision.  My current state of sexual function is another of the factors under consideration.

As it was well documented two years ago, MsPatty's devastated the internal function in each of Her testicles with a band and Everclear injections.  Volume measurements calculate to them being physically below average.  i have had low testosterone levels since i left her space the next morning, with the more recent quarterly Full-T tests confirming the effects.  

A typical healthy male has the capacity to know average testosterone levels (~650ng/nl, within the normal range of 259-850) on only one good testicle.  In this case, both the regular and excess production capacity of both organs was taken away, and observable physical atrophy occurred.  Their reduced size hints at the extent of the damage, and it appears permanent.  At the slow rate i am still improving, my testosterone levels might reach the low/normal line (@ 40% of average) in another year.  That line is not a comfort to me.  It has been estimated my libido had been slightly above average before December 2019. 

In the past several months, i have noticed that the low testosterone has probably caused many of my memories of past sexual activity to fade.  Only the highest intensity events are possible to recall, and the older memories don't register like they used to.  It is difficult to 'feel' the memory when one's loins are no longer flooded with the hormones which made them possible. 

i have asked MsPatty, and She does not consider my current state to be castrated.  She says they still somewhat work.  At the same time, my testosterone levels are insufficient to produce and maintain a natural erection.  This erectile dysfunction means i cannot engage in penetrative sexual intercourse.  my recovery capacity for the next useful sexual emission remains several days.  The quality and quantity of my sexual fluid releases remains greatly diminished.  MsPatty's goal on 12/26/2019 was to leave a lingering reminder.  She has said Her expectations from those events have been greatly exceeded, and it does not bother her that i struggle sexually.  It actually thrills her that i continue to experience the symptoms and frustration of what She took away.

What MsPatty has effectively taken away is my ability to enjoy normal sexual relations with a woman - for the rest of my life.  MsPatty knows that having low testosterone (vs none) leaves open the possibility of additional improvement, albeit remote, at this point.  She also knows it reminds me every day that, for the first half of my adult life, Her testicles had made more than enough testosterone for me to pursue my primal urges.  As for the second half of my life, She has caused there to be only enough to remember what used to be.

The chance is slim, but i still hope for some more improvement, and i need Her testicles to do that.  If it means suffering for her, i desire to do so.


For Christmas this year, I gave him a little blue gift and permission to use My balls between his thighs once before he faces judgement day if he could locate a willing female to penetrate. As of today, he has yet to use My gift. 

In less than 5 days, sub jason will face judgement day which is New Year's Eve. Will he walk out My door with permission to continue to use My balls between his thighs one more year or will I be taking them back which will render them useless?  <wicked grin> 

Only one way to find out.

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Sunday, December 19, 2021

After Effects: sub jason, questionnaire after ~2 years

From 19 months ago (5/2020), sub jason filled out this form with some points of castration experiences made by others.  his answers then, and now at 24 months since 12/26/2019, appear side-by-side:

For the first month or so:

    You may not physically feel any different, although the internal feeling that something is missing slowly creeps in.

 5Mos: Generally true, but the first 2 weeks was masked mostly by organ swelling and regional pain.

24Mos: i continue to feel sexually inadequate between my thighs.

    You will gradually lose your sex drive.

 5Mos: i had little to none soon after until about 3+ months later. While some has returned, it's still currently low.

24Mos: The interest in a partner has settled.  my basic desire is for an orgasm once or twice a week by masturbation, which is all i am able to achieve.

Emotionally, you tend to want to masturbate more and more, while it is still possible.

 5Mos: This was true, but i held myself to about twice a week for release measurement purposes. The urge to know if they were still working was the prominent interest.
24Mos: i edge constantly, but rarely get hard. i am biologically unable to produce enough fluid for an enjoyable release more than 1-2 times a week.

Past a few weeks to a month:

You will have random hot flashes and night sweats, and they may continue for weeks, months, or more.

 5Mos: True, and they continued with slightly less intensity past 3 months, but rare now at 5 months.

24Mos: i am more sensitive to hard work and more excessive temps.  The struggle to regulate my body temperature/comfort zone is more noticeable.

    Your penis will slowly shrink and atrophy.

 5Mos: It lost ~20% of its former erect length, unknown girth loss (erect) in the initial weeks. It has regained about half of what length was lost.

24Mos: i have not regained any additional length.  Achieving sufficient firmness still takes effort.  Except for the brief period before a release, i am a stubby but semi-soft/thicker 3+".

    Your penis will lose sensitivity, with physical contact becoming more like any other part of your skin.

 5Mos: True. It has since regained some sensitivity after 3+ months, but not back to what it was.

24Mos: The sensitivity level is about the same as it was over a year ago.  It continues to affect my ability to become and stay hard and aroused.

    As your testicles atrophy, you will lose most of the sexual feelings once centered in your groin region.

 5Mos: It had produced a void feeling in the region soon after, for several weeks, which dissipated to neutral and a slight recovery after some hormone production rebounded near 3+ months.

24Mos: Much of my past evaluation was masked by the optimism that my libido was still returning.  my libido is very weak.  my loins feel neutral most of the time.

    Your testicles will lose mass, and your scrotum will shrink.

 5Mos: They lost ~50% in volume and have only recently regained a small of that amount back.

24Mos: The volume calculations at 24 months, and visual evaluation, indicate a testicle volume which has settled just below human male average.

    Erections will become less firm, then weak, until they become impossible to achieve.

 5Mos: Erections became difficult with physical stimulation, impossible to achieve by mental efforts, and only recently improved a little approaching 4-5 months.

24Mos: Erections remain an effort to achieve and require multiple sources of stimulation to gain and maintain.  i am otherwise limp all of the time.

    M/F sexual dysphoria will be reduced.

Not an issue before, 5Mos, or at 24Mos.

    M/Eunuch sexual dysphoria will be reduced.

Not an issue before, 5Mos, or at 24Mos.

    You may experience more emotional episodes.

Not an issue before, 5Mos, or at 24Mos.

Longer Term: COVID isolation protocol has made some of this difficult to directly attribute.

    You may lose upper body muscle and strength.

Some may have been lost at this point, with a note toward both age and COVID lifestyle contributing to reduced physical activity.

    You will likely gain abdominal fat.

 No change in weight @ 2+ months, but heavier at 5 months and more so toward 24 months due to world events (COVID) and reduced physical activity.

    You will stop looking at women within a sexual context.

 5Mos: This was true particularly during the 1–2-month period. Due to a lack of being able to sexually perform, there is reduced interest.

24Mos: The interest returned for a while, but the reality of my inability to perform naturally has been proven.  My desire to pursue someone, then reveal i am impotent, seems like a waste of effort.

    Mustache and bear growth reduces dramatically.

 Not seen yet.

    Body hair softens, thins, or disappears.

 Did not occur, although some slowing of baldness may have happened.

    You will feel as if you are asexual.

 Did not occur.

    Female breasts may develop over a period of a couple of years.

 Did not occur. 

To view all My posts here on LeatherRealm talking about sub jason's journey, go to LeatherRealm: sub jason.

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Current Measurements: sub jason.

Current measurements of My testicles between sub jason's thighs. As you can see from the first measurements in March 2020, they have increased in size since the original measurements 3 months after being banded and injected with Everclear. This increase happened during the healed process.

Left testicle:

March 2020: 3.6cm x 2.6cm x 1.6cm -> 62.731
May 2020: 3.65cm x 2.8cm x 1.65cm -> 70.635
July 2020: 3.7cm x 2.9cm x 1.7cm -> 76.407
Aug 2020: 3.85cm x 2.9cm x 1.85cm -> 86.520
Sept 2020: 3.9cm x 3.2cm x 1.9cm -> 99.324
Oct 2020: 3.85cm x 3.2cm x 1.85cm -> 95.470
Nov 2020: 3.95cm x 3.3cm x 1.85cm -> 101.011
Dec 2020: 4.0cm x 3.5cm x 2.0cm -> 117.286
Jan 2021: 4.1cm x 3.5cm x 2.0cm -> 120.218
Feb 2021: 4.25cm x 3.55cm x 2.05cm -> 129.557
Mar 2021: 4.5cm x 3.55cm x 2.05cm -> 137.18

*Dec 2021: 4.15cm x 3.55cm x 2.05cm -> 126.51

- Right testicle:

March 2020: 3.5cm x 2.2cm x 1.4cm -> 45.155
May 2020: 3.6cm x 2.5cm x 1.6cm -> 60.318
July 2020: 3.95cm x 2.9cm x 1.9cm -> 91.166
Aug 2020: 4.1cm x 3.1cm x x1.9cm -> 101.155
Sept 2020: 4.3cm x 3.4cm x 2.2cm -> 126.803
Oct 2020: 4.2cm x 3.5cm x 2.35cm -> 144.701
Nov 2020: 4.35cm x 3.5cm x 2.4cm -> 140.304
Dec 2020: 4.4cm x 3.5cm x 2.4cm -> 141.916
Jan 2021: 4.45cm x 3.55cm x 2.5cm -> 165.431
Feb 2021: 4.45cm x 3.6cm x 2.5cm -> 167.761
Mar 2021: 4.5cm x 3.5cm x 2.05cm -> 135.25

*Dec 2021: 4.2cm x 3.45cm x 2.05cm -> 124.43 

To view all My posts here on LeatherRealm talking about sub jason's journey, go to LeatherRealm: sub jason.

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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Countdown 2021 Begins Now: sub jason.

On December 26th 2019 I injected Everclear into each of My testicles between sub jason's thighs, 30 minutes into an hour long banding.  I chose to allow him to keep My balls for another year but with a reminder. 

Judgement day, December 26th, 2020 then came. One syringe was filled with saline which would allow him to keep My testicles for another year and one syringe filled with enough Everclear to render My testicles truly castrated. I allowed him a choice, a 50/50 choice. With his choice, he was allowed to keep them one more year. 

Once again on December 31st 2021, I will be making My choice whether to allow him to keep My balls for another year or to take them. On Twitter, I am posting surveys, videos and pictures from the last 2 years during this journey. 

Be a part of My decision. Share My posts on Twitter and possibly be a part of this life changing event. 

To view all My posts here on LeatherRealm talking about sub jason's journey, go to LeatherRealm: sub jason.

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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Long Distance Banding Update: sub boy r

 In sub boy r's own words:

Immediately after my second banding, my right testicle was smaller and harder than normal.  I wondered if this indicated permanent damage, and I won’t lie - part of me wished it was. However, about 30 hours after the banding it had returned to a normal size and consistency.

What hasn’t changed though is the tightening of my scrotum - almost all the time it’s much more constricted than normal.  Once or twice I’ve noticed it hanging low, but the norm seems to be a very tight package.

The one problem I’ve had since the second banding is the damage it caused to my scrotum. At the time I assumed the bleeding was due to nicks caused when I cut the band off.  But I now realize what happened.  The two bands were very close to each other, but caught enough skin between them to cause little blisters, which subsequently became sore wounds.  I know now to make sure the second band either overlaps or is so close to the first that no skin damage has been done.  Today is the first day (at +12 days) that I don’t have visible raw wounds.

I have maintained the penis banding. I actually do it every 2 or 3 days because I am so happy with the results.  I haven’t had an erection (not even a morning erection) for weeks now, and I love it!  My penis size has greatly reduced, in fact it seems to be shrinking to nothing - which is another thing I’m very happy about.  I took the attached photo today - 12 days after my last banding.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Long Distance Banding: sub boy r's 2nd

 In sub boy r's own words:

This week I had my second banding session with Mistress Patty. 

After the first session a few weeks ago I was sore and tight for about 5 days, but after that I seemed to physically return to how it was before.  My libido was definitely down though, which was a good thing. However, I was still getting night-time and morning erections, which I had hoped would reduce.  Mistress Patty therefore started me on a routine which involves placing wide elastic bands (firm but not tight) around my penis for at least half an hour every few days.  This was uncomfortable to start with, but something I have got used to as part of my life.  It has definitely helped - while I still get the occasional erection, they are nowhere near as firm as before.

I was even more excited about our second banding session than I was about the first, probably because I no longer had any anxiety about the unknown.  Mistress Patty was once again a very calm, gentle but firm guide through the whole process, making it very easy to go along with.  We once again started with one band and then added a second, but this time the second one went on much sooner so that I was banded with two bands for longer.  She also had me place the three penis bands on as well.  I won’t hide the fact that there is considerable pain, discomfort and nausea associated with banding. But ice packs help, and Mistress Patty is very good at explaining what is happening and keeping you focused on anything but the discomfort!  It also helps knowing that this is all part of the journey which I have decided to take with Mistress Patty - my journey to castration.  Just to be clear, I have no fantasies about the actual act of castration; there is nothing sexual or arousing about the thought of the castration process itself. For me, I get excited about what comes next - living in a castrated state.  Not in a gender transformation sense, but more like a pre-pubescent boy, an age of innocence:  no libido, no urges.

While I was banded I found myself wondering whether Mistress Patty would make me keep the bands on long enough to destroy my testicles - she has told me it is always possible she could do that. I thought about how I would feel if she told me that was happening, and how I would react.  The first thing I realized is that I would accept her decision and let it happen.  I have committed myself to her for this journey and trust her to do what is right at the right time.  Because I have decided I don’t want them, and because Mistress Patty and I have formed a good relationship, I have already mentally given my testicles to her.  My balls are the property of Mistress Patty.  I’ll be honest though and say that I would have been disappointed if it had turned out that way, because I would very much like her to take them from me in person. 

When the bands came off (which is the most painful part!) my penis was shriveled and my testicles were tightly compacted. My right testicle felt small and hard. We will see in a few days whether there is any permanent damage. The main feeling though was euphoria. A sense of achievement that another step on the journey has been taken, and a sense of fulfillment knowing that this is the right journey for me.  And I am lucky to have the best guide possible to share the journey with!

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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Testosterone Results: sub jason


The current testosterone results are in for sub jason. As you can see below, the current result is still in the low range.

Surprisingly, the current testosterone result is lower than the previous over the last year. 

I will drawing blood and testing again in late December when I decide whether or not to allow him to keep My balls between his thighs for another year. 

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fetishist w returns...

As I stood back to admire My progress so far, I couldn't help but snap a picture. Fet w's scrotum in the process of being infused with 1000ml's of saline, his bladder being taken over by My catheter and his ass in the process of being opened up enough to take My fist as well as using a cock pump to produce an anal prolapse. Such a lovely sight. 

After I gave him back his ability to use his bladder by removing the catheter, I began finger fucking his urethra. By the time I was finished, his piss hole was fucked deep and gaping. <wicked grin> 

And yes, I have video to share which will be posted in a few hours. 

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Morning Experiment with sub jason...

The morning started with collecting sub jason's blood to send off to the lab for his current testosterone level. We've been testing his testosterone every few months since December 2019 when I banded My balls between his thighs for an hour and injected Everclear about 30 minutes into each testicle while banded. Yes, the results are in but will be posted in the following update since this update is being posted later than expected. 

The experiment began with giving sub jason a little blue pill and a bottle of water. The theory was that even though the hour banding/Everclear injections decreased sub jason's testosterone to below normal which resulted in decreased libido as well as erectile problems, that erectile medication would be successful even with the decreased testosterone. My theory was correct but was limited. As you can see above, he was able to achieve an erection even with no stimulation. Of course that was limited to roughly an hour before the erections didn't last longer than a few minutes and wasn't full erections. 

If you've not been following sub jason's journey since December 2019 but would like to, just search My Medical blog for sub jason.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

An Afternoon with Fet w: 100 Needle Challenge.

This past week when Fetishist w visited, I decided it was time to amuse Myself by using him for the 100 Needle Challenge which I even took video of to share. Yes, it's a long video but so worth it. 

So who else has the "balls" to take the challenge? Those that do, just use the contact form here on LeatherRealm. 

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Long Distance Banding: sub boy r...


A New Beginning: In sub boy r's own words...

     The past 48 hours have been some of the most rewarding and fulfilling in my life. Because on Friday evening I was banded for the first time.

     My first meeting with Mistress Patty was a few weeks ago. She patiently and thoroughly explored my dreams and desires. In short, I want to live life as a castrated male, with no more testosterone or libido. Mistress Patty encouraging me to say these things out loud, and being honest with her and with myself, was a major step forwards for me. She told me to buy a tri-bander, and we booked our meeting for Friday evening.

     On Friday I was excited but also quite nervous. Mistress Patty soon put me at my ease and with great kindness, care and patience talked me through exactly what she wanted me to do. The first band was hard to get on. It was fiddly getting both testicles through the band, and when I started to loosen the tension to ease the band off the three prongs, it slipped off one of them before I was ready and the band smacked into my testicle with great force – which was highly painful! The second prong released easily, and the third which much more effort but suddenly I realized that the band was on! There was a wave of pressure which was more of an ache than a pain, which soon subsided. My heart raced for a while, but it was mainly out of excitement. For the first time in my life I had been banded and taken the first step towards the new me!

     Mistress Patty was very encouraging during this time, asking lots of questions which I suspect was to distract me a bit from any pain and discomfort. I was just wondering how long I was to keep the band on (I had assumed the first time would only be a few minutes) when Mistress Patty told me to load another one on the tri-bander. I was momentarily stunned. Should I do it? Then I thought, of course I should. By now I had complete trust in Mistress Patty and I wanted to show her I was serious about this. So a second band went on next to the first. It actually went on much easier – it was slightly harder pulling the testicles through because they were quite a bit tighter due to the first band, but it seemed easier getting it off the prongs. Now this felt real. Now I knew that serious damage was starting to be done to the spermatic cords. And totally at peace with it and happy!

    Fairly soon I started to feel nauseous, to the point of bile flooding into my mouth. Mistress Patty explained that this was because the cords were being damaged, and advised me to apply ice under the scrotum. This helped but soon I began to feel shaky and Mistress Patty let me cut the bands off. This itself is an intensely painful experience – when the rubber finally gives way after much careful cutting, they release with a snap that sends immense pain through your body and makes you cry out.

     The bands had caused some irritation and minor bleeding, and left deep marks on the skin. The first thing I noticed was that my scrotum and testicles were completely numb. And I felt great – a wave of euphoria came over me and kept me on a crest of excitement for a couple of hours, at which point the adrenalin stopped and I fell fast asleep, sleeping better than I have for ages.

     The next morning, I awoke with a semi-erection, but some exploratory fiddling showed me that there was no way anything was going to happen. And I didn’t want it to. My scrotum was still numb and the skin still sore, but I felt completely at peace. Mistress Patty has said that she will help me take care of such soft erections, and I really look forward to that. Throughout Saturday I was tired, but happy. Today some (but not all) of the feeling has returned, and I still feel great! One difference today is that my scrotum is much tighter than it normally is.

     This was the first step on my castration journey, a journey that we have agreed will end in Mistress Patty’s hands with her burdizzo. Before then I hope to enjoy more banding experiences under Mistress Patty’s instruction. Hers is now the guiding hand and voice in this, the most important part of my life.

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Long Distance Results: Sissy michelle


Results: Sissy michelle's own words...

In the beginning when I met MsPatty I had a thing for cross dressing. After a brief phone call She agreed to meet me. But of course She insisted that I dress prior to our meeting and arrive all dressed up. When arriving and entering Leather Realm MsPatty immediately commented on my legs high heels and clothes that I wore. I think at this point she had planned on how all our sessions would go. She remarked on how there was a bulge in my skirt, and with legs like mine that I didn't need testicles. After a little meet and greet conversation to get aquatinted I was in restrains and before I could blink the testicles were inside the jaws of the burdizzo with pressure being applied to the handles. Was I about to loose them? MsPatty showed mercy and that day I left Leather Realm with a new understanding. i was the submissive and told what to do!

    In our long distance phone session that followed I was told to stretch the spermatic cords regularly, which i did, But soon after our sessions took a different direction with being instructed to buy different items for our sessions. A bander and castration rings, large rubber bands, dildo, and a nylon stocking to have on hand for various stretching and tying application. Has things first started the bander was used with the castration rings being placed placed on my scrotum for ten to twenty minutes. This would render a certain calm to my libido which i was thankful for, usually lasting a couple of weeks. Then once again i would schedule another session seeking the relief of a very active and i may add at this time annoying libido. The calm was great but only lasted a few weeks. Has time went on during the phone sessions that followed, i noticed the bands being left on long and longer, MsPatty being pleased with the increasing time.  At longest just short of an hour. Along with the castration bands around the scrotum additional rubber bands were to be placed on the clit, just behind the head, then mid shaft, and again at the base near the body. This left me completely numb down there. The result was my two weeks of no libido went to a month or possibly a little longer. But a different side effect then became obvious, I could no longer get an erection or could i ejaculate. These functions are pretty much gone has a result. If there is an occasional erection it is not very firm, i could not have sex with a woman unless it was with my tongue. And to ejaculate is rare and small in quantity. Oh by the way since i did mention small, the size of my clit has shrunk to half its original size. Testosterone test levels have dropped into the low range. All this results from a few in person sessions and many phone sessions.

    I must say with all the changes that have gone on, my sexual preference has changed to being more open along with my feminine side being dominate in my life. Strange what the future holds and how guided by MsPatty has redirected my life in such a positive way.

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Long Distance Session Results: sissy michelle...

Over the years, I've been asked more than once whether or not Phone Sessions or for that matter any long distance session via Text, Email, Skype/Zoom or Twitter DM can involve medical especially involving Castration Fetish or Body Modification. Can Castration and or Body Mod long distance sessions actually produce results? Yes, long distance sessions can most definitely involve Medical which includes Castration/Body Mods and can produce desired results. 

When using My Session Contact Form to schedule a long distance session, make sure you have the needed supplies which will be used during our session. If our shared fetish involves needles, make sure you have needles for Me to use. If our shared fetish is Castration Banding, make sure you have a Castration Bander. Precaution items are also a good idea like latex gloves and alcohol pads. 

Do you wish to schedule a long distance session but don't have the ability to do phone or cam sessions? Email, Text Message or Twitter Direct Messages for an hour block of time uninterrupted are also options which can produce the same results as phone sessions or can be used to discuss the fetishes such as Castration that we share. 

Instructing sissy michelle to use a Castration Bander which places a wide band just above the testicles within the scrotum, this time it was left on for almost an hour. All the while, I instructed her to slide a hard cock deep into her cunt. As you can see above, she was quite sore and red when the band was removed. Days afterwards, her libido dipped while the spermatic cords healed which also prevented her from ejaculating with My property between her thighs. 

Panties simply doesn't look good covering an erect clit. How to correct this? Those thick, wide bands you find on broccoli can fix that. Yes, again sissy michelle this time was instructed to wrap 3 bands in specific areas of the clit for close to an hour. Immediate results was for a few days, she was unable to achieve an erection resulting in smooth panties. 

For those searching for long term results just as sissy michelle does, multiple phone sessions can produce longer, more permanent results as you can see from her Testosterone results within the top picture. The desired goal? To decrease her testosterone and have smooth panties permanently. <wicked grin> 

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Sunday, July 11, 2021

An Afternoon with sissy slut t...

Sissy slut t came to bring Me pleasure and I knew exactly how I was going to enjoy him. After restraining him by wrapping him up in pallet wrap, I secured him to the cage table. Soon after I sat back, smoked a cigarette and ever so often placed the blazing hot cherry of it against his sensitive nipples. After putting out the cigarette, I began using a candle to coat his nipples and dripping hot wax over his groin. To change it up, I randomly shot ice cold water over his secured body till I had My fill. Finally, I placed My nailing board under his loose scrotum and secured it. With a smile, I began stretching out his scrotum and using horseshoe nails to secure the thinned out ball sack. One after the other, I began nailing each horseshoe nail with a hammer till I reached 10. 

To celebrate reaching 10 nails, I attached birthday candles to each nail head then lite them up. Watching the flames dancing as the wax melted and flowed down the nails till reaching the sensitive skin of the scrotum, a huge smile crossed My lips and giggles escaped as he squealed from the hot wax. 

Yes, I am feeling generous so you will find the video below on the Medical video gallery under, Flaming Hammer. 

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Monday, July 5, 2021

Can He? Vaginal Penetration...sub jason.

Not long after I banded sub jason then injected My balls between his thighs with Everclear back in December 2019, the big question became whether or not he could actually have traditional sex. My intention was to leave a lasting reminder, leaving My mark deep within My balls between his legs not render them useless. Even after numerous testosterone tests, the question remained. Could he remain hard enough to slide his cock deep into an eager vagina without any form of erectile medication? If he could, could he maintain it longer than a couple of minutes? The results from the t-tests continue to remain in the low range but he has been able to achieve an erection for a short time with physical stimulation. Considering all of this, there was a chance even though slim that he could but there was only one way to find out.

Recently an opportunity came to sub jason to test if he could in fact have traditional sex with his last sexual partner. The last time that he had felt a warm wet pussy wrapped around his fully functioning cock had been over 2 years prior to December 2019. Understandably, he was nervous to experiment because no male wants to fail especially with a previous partner. She had enjoyed his throbbing, rock hard member deep within her, but what would happen this time? If he did fail, would she question him or totally shame him for his failure? Perhaps he would once again feel her warmth engulf his cock as her wet pussy had before. Knowing My desire to have this question answered and his curiosity, he went to visit her for a few days. 

Three days before I met with him, he sent Me a text but I instructed him to not tell Me anything till My balls between his thighs was back where they belonged, in My hands. The anticipation was high and I counted the hours till I would have My answer. With giggles and a smile that I just couldn't stop, I welcomed him in and chatted a bit before I wrapped him in pallet wrap and placed a hood over his head. To make sure he was securely restrained, I used the medical straps to secure his wrapped body to the cage table. Just how I prefer him, he wasn't going anywhere till I decided to release him. 

The answer to My question, was he able to achieve an erection long enough to have vaginal sex? After bringing her to orgasm multiple times with finger stimulation, he was able to achieve an erection but blame it on position or timing, he was unable to maintain an erection long enough to penetrate her.

As you can see from the picture above, with a cock ring and electro along with physical stimulation he was able to achieve and maintain an erection for a short time though not a full erection.

Above you can see that he has a fuller erection with the help from a cock ring as well as a penis pump. If he was able to maintain this erection, he could actually penetrate. Of course at this point, it's unlikely. 

To look back at sub jason's journey so far, search My blog for "sub jason" or "Everclear" beginning at the end of December 2019. The blog entries also has pictures of his journey. The videos are below on My Medical video gallery. 

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Sunday, June 27, 2021

An Evening with sub jason..

My time with sub jason began with rendering him helpless by restraining him as well as taking control over his bladder. As he laid restrained, I used My Stinger stick to send electric shocks into that bit of flesh between his thighs that identifies his gender. All the while, reminding him of the experiment that will soon answer whether or not traditional sex is possible for him now. 

Awhile later, I moved him and spread his legs wide as his feet was in the stirrups above him. Exposing My balls between his thighs. For those with questions about what the Everclear injections has done since December 2019, I answer questions.

And yes, I have videos to share below on My video gallery.

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Testosterone Results: sub jason


The results from September 2020 through to the most recent June 2021 from sub jason. As you can see, based on previous results it continues to be in the low range with slight improvement.

My balls between his thighs has changed so much since December 2019, not only physically but hormonally. For the rest of sub jason's life, he will have a permanent reminder of how I have changed it.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Return of Fet w...

After the last year with the pandemic and so much being put on hold, it's so wonderful to start getting back to normal. My normal, the return of Fet w. 

Soon after restraining him rendering him helpless, I began sliding his cock and balls into My acrylic press. What a stimulating sight, his cock pressed between 2 clear slabs of acrylic and his balls forced forward. Totally exposed. One by one, I began sliding 22g x 4 inch needles into his ripe balls. Giggling as I watched ball juice dripping from the needles. Not long after, I began inserting needles into his cock head as he squealed. Each bit of noise that escaped from his lips caused My panties to get even more wet.  

Sliding My finger deep into his piss hole. Fucking that huge piece of meat between his thighs. So sexy....

And yes, I am in such a lovely mood that I have videos to share on My Video gallery link below. 

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Monday, June 14, 2021

An Evening with Fet J...

My evening with Fet J began with giving him his first banding experience with the Tri-bander. At the same time, I began pumping his breast area with his Noogleberry Breast Pumping System which is amazing. I REALLY want one. In preparation for our time together, he had been for 2 months prior using the Noogleberry every couple of days for 30 minutes each time. 

At 35 minutes, I used My scalpel to cut the banding ring from his scrotum and began infusing his breast. Because of the preparation with the Noogleberry, I infused each breast with 400ml's of saline. I gave him such a beautiful set of C-D cup breasts for his first time. Look at that cleavage. Almost big enough to titty fuck. LOL 

As I was giving him a huge set of tits, I was also injecting those bits between his thighs with saline this time while they was restrained in the acrylic press. Slowly, I injected a total of 10ml's of saline into each testicle. I also skewered that cock with needles, using them as conductors for electricity. This is preparation for the future. 

And yes, within the next few hours, I will be adding video to My video gallery below. 

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