Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ahh a new year of more adventures, excitement and exploration. This is how life should really be like. Thankfully this is how My life is for the most part so I count Myself quite fortunate.  Of course within exploration you also find those that live way too much into fantasy and ignore common sense. Like with the burdizzo, when used successfully it does cause castration. Like surgical castration, both has possible side effects and they are more than simply lack of an erection and lack of libido. When I am emailed about the burdizzo, I ask a few simple questions that I require to be answered.....

1) How long have you thought about castration?
2) Have you tried chemical castration?
3) Have you thought about the possible side effects?
4) What is your personal reasons for desiring castration?
5) Do you understand the difference between Surgical castration and the Burdizzo?
6) Are you allergic or have any negative side effects to certain medications?
7) Are there any health issues that I need to be aware of?

Once I get your answers, I decide whether I will meet with you or not. Yes, some may say I am playing God because if I am not comfortable with your answers I will refuse to meet with you. In My world, I am God. I can and will refuse to meet with you if I feel you have no clue about what you are contacting Me about. And this goes for ANY Body Modification or extreme form of CBT.

Before I get a ton of emails, this is involving actual Body Modification/Extreme CBT not fantasy or a good mind fuck. Fantasy and mind fucks, My screening process is a bit more tame since it does not involve a permanent change to you physically.

What a wonderful surprise that I have been able to FINALLY reduce the file size of the Burdizzo Castration video from last June 2010 so that you can download it right from the Castration & Medical Fetish Video Gallery instead of needing to email for it. For now the direct link is above where it's easily located right when you come to this page. Forewarning not the greatest quality but things are improving.