LeatherRealm: Castration Methods

Castration. Yet another subject that is considered very extreme and dangerous but causes such wonderful physical and psychological reactions within Me. While NO I am not saying all male slaves should have those little things between their legs removed, certainly some do need them removed. Some have no reason to have them. They have no purpose on some slaves and is just taking up space and keeping their attention on it instead of Me. And YES once again I respect hard limits and practice RACK (Risk-Aware, Consensual Kink). Never the less I do enjoy the idea whether the fantasy of it or the reality. Within this article I will tell you of My interest within Castration and various methods and health concerns that may result from various methods.

The Reality of Castration:

Surgical Castration:  The surgical removal of a male's testes. Its preferred that this is done by a certified medical doctor. In any case the method involves 1-2 cuts through the scrotum and severs the testicle from the cord. Prior to this the scrotum is numbed and blood supply is cut off for a short period. The cuts are sutured and the blood supply is then restored. A cautery pen may be used as well instead of suturing the cords. Some feel cauterizing is safer than suturing the cords. Very painful and heal time depending on the male normally takes without any complications up to 8-12 weeks sometimes shorter depending on the person. After surgical castration bruising will of course occur as well as swelling. Draining may occur as well. Sexual drive will be reduced or eliminated depending on the male. Ejaculations are reduced to dry orgasms or very little fluid released. Performing surgical castration when you are NOT a certified physician can not only get you arrested but can also have horrible results for the slave. Infection is a major issue. If you do in fact enjoy surgical then know what your doing. Having a experienced partner is required.

Chemical Castration:  A form of castration which hormonal drugs are used to inhibit hormones that stimulate testicles to produce testosterone within males. Most common drug used is Depo Provera which is a form of birth control in women. I've also have knowledge that Androcur is another popular drug to use. This method will reduce or eliminate sexual desire. Androcur is also known to completely eliminate erections. Because of estrogen being used muscle loss will happen and fat is redistributed into the breast, hip and thigh areas. Nipple tenderness is also a well known side effect for awhile when first starting chemical castration. This method is reversible. For dosage information and possible side effects go to  Eunuch Archive Forums. Very informative. A great read for those interested in Chemical Castration and M2F Transformations.

Bloodless Castration: 

Burdizzo: A form of castration that a device is used to crush the cords to the testicles. The testicles will shrink in size and are eventually absorbed by the body. In some males the testicles have not completely been absorbed. This method takes minutes to perform and healing time is up to up to 6 weeks or less depending on the male. Signs of a successful clamping can be found within 24 hours afterwards, such as the testicle becoming cold and hard. Single cord between heal time or both cords in one session is possible. Failed Castration which means the body repaired the crushed cords is possible so be prepared that multi crushing may be required.  This method is considered the Safest.

Elastrator: A form of castration that a strong band stretches over the scrotum and above the testicles. The circulation is cut off to the testicles and in hours they die from lack of blood. When the pain dulls which means the testicles are completely dead, the testicles and scrotum around them may be cut off below the band without any pain or blood. The band is removed when the area can hold together on its own.  This method can take 6 hours or more to perform. Heal time varies but use the estimate of 6-8 weeks sometimes longer. This method while considered quite safe has issues when it comes to removal of the dead testicles/scrotum. Infection is quite the risk.  Again because of the risks make sure you have an experienced partner.

Alcohol Injection: A form of castration that involves 1cc to 3cc of Grain Alcohol based on size being injected into each testicle on a regular basis for a length of time. Immediately after injection, pressure and burning is experienced. This feeling can last several days. Very little marking unless prone to bruising. Testicles will feel hard/full for sometime after each set of injections. Little risk of infection but success rate is very low.

Calcium Chloride Dihydrate or CaCl Injection: A form of castration that involves a solution of CaCl and either Sterile Water or Grain Alcohol, 1-3cc based on size of each testicle that causes Necrosis of Testicular Tissue. After injection, pressure and pain is experienced which can last several days based on individual pain tolerance. Very little marking experienced. Testicles will feel hard/full for sometime from swelling. Scrotum maybe swollen for sometime afterwards also. After 5 - 6 weeks, a second set of injections maybe needed. Little risk for infection if done correctly but there are other risks. High success rate but again there are risks involved.

The 3 devices I personally own are the Burdizzo, The Tri-bander and the Elastrator. There are various sized Burdizzo's as well as a good variety of devices for bloodless castration and cutters. The 2 pictured above are My 19in and 9in Burdizzos. An anesthetic isn't required but highly recommended because of the intense pain. When a anesthetic is used it seems the most popular is Lidocaine or Xylocaine Injections (prescription only in US) but the topical 4% Lidocaine gel/cream can be used as well. This is the strongest formula available for over-the-counter. Warning....when doing injections this must be performed by an experienced partner. This can result in serious injury or even death.

Side Effects of Castration: 

Changes in ejaculate 


Reduction in Bone Density

Hair softens

Hot Flashes

Fat redistribution into Hips, Thighs and Breasts

Loss of muscle mass

Loss of strength

Male baldness reversing  

More emotional

More difficult maintaining erections and reduction of cock.

Reduction of Sex Drive

Night sweats

Nipple enlargement and tenderness.

Reduction in Body Hair/Growth

Reduction in sweating

Reduction of memory   

Skin softens

Weight gain

Urinary incontinence

The Fantasy of Castration:

The fantasy of Castration is simple. Exploit the deepest fears and desires of the male slave. Take REAL castration facts and equipment then use them to mentally mind fuck the slave. Various props can be used for this depending on the desired result.

Mock Castration Method: 

Banding Play: This is where the Elastrator is used but the band that is put around the scrotum above the testicles is removed within minutes at longest 20 minutes. For safety I ONLY go for a couple of minutes certainly no where near the max. It is removed by cutting the band off. The pain is beyond imagination from what I've seen. The band is very small and the blood supply is cut off completely during this time. This means again the time is limited. While the scrotum/testicles are banded they will turn bright red to deep purple then black. Deep purple or black is bad. Do NOT go that long. Remember even though this is mock castration leaving the band on too long will cause permanent damage or worse so be careful.