Sunday, October 15, 2023

My Balls Came to Visit...sub jason

  With Judgment Day 2023 soon approaching at the end of December, it was such a lovely surprise to have My balls between sub jason's thighs return so soon after their last visit. 

Not long after arriving in the early evening, I told him to undress, and I gave My balls between his thighs My attention for a bit. I also inspected to ensure that he had shaved My balls smooth just as I prefer them. Afterwards, I administered a couple of enemas to prepare him for later activities. 

Soon, I strapped him down to the bed, placed his feet into the stirrups just above him and brought out My Tri-Bander with a variety of colorful bands.

One after another till I had 7 bands total which beat the previous record, squeezing the spermatic cords that connect to the testicles. Layering multiple bands, even though not actual castration bands, will result in temporary damage which will take time to heal. I get so juicy when I know that I'm leaving a reminder. <wicked grin>

After what seemed like forever for him as he begged, moaned and squealed but in reality, 24 minutes later, I sliced thru each band with a very sharp scalpel till each snapped apart. Go to My Medical Fetish Video Gallery below to see what happened.

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After Effects: sub jason 3.75 years Summary


In sub jason's own words...

sub jason summary - 3 years, 10 months

MsPatty is again interested in my thoughts since my most recent June, August, & September visits since Judgement Day 2022.

On the physical side, i still have an occasional ache in the right cord where MsPatty clamped ~9 months ago, and She gave it further attention in the last visit.  This has become Her reminder that, even if it is still functional, MsPatty has convinced my mind that She had rendered it non-functional.  This is a typical example of how She slowly erases my limits, pushing my mind back toward a new line in the sand.  Real or not, the next time She goes after it, or maybe goes after the other one, She knows my mind has already gone through the trauma of its loss.  

my testosterone levels have fluctuated a bit, but in the greater context, all seem to be in the range of 172-229ng/dL over the past 2+ years.  That is just under, or just over, the low-normal line, depending on the clinical age-scale used.  i consider its variance to be a combination of life stress, short-term impact by MsPatty's vigorous attention, and testing error margin (i.e. - time of test, sample shipping conditions, and normal lab testing % error).  At my current average range, a fluctuation of ~50ng/dL may bring some hot flashes at times.  In the larger picture, it's nowhere close to what i need to affect my libido and ability to get natural erections.  The strong testosterone levels i knew up until ~4 years ago were easily ~2-3 times higher.

It has recently occurred to me that the 3yr period of 2020-2022 might be considered MsPatty evaluating the results of Her December 2019 activities.  The start of this current year (2023) seems to mark Her return to pushing limits.  MsPatty again wants more for Her, and less for me.  Her current goal is to perfect, in a phrase, The Stolen Orgasm.  She wants to extract my meager production of semen, which slowly builds up over several weeks or months of chastity.  She attempts this theft via prostate stimulation, and a hollow tube down my urethra, which is in turn connected to a syringe.  The syringe is then drawn out, creating a vacuum down my plumbing.  During the stimulation process, known as milking, As my prostate begins to relax, fluids are drawn from it along with sperm from my seminal vesicles, without reaching a climax.  i am left with the chastity edge i started with.   Were i to be pulled over the (now much higher to reach) edge, i have nothing to affect a discharge (dry/ruined).  my recovery window to produce more, typical of the past few years, is almost a week.  

The closest parallel i can offer is like a determined partner attempting to extract a 4th release (back in the days of youth...) in a very short period of time.  The male's store of semen/fluids is exhausted by that point.  Some might describe it as a 'dry orgasm'.  The added frustration for me, of course, is that none of the prior orgasms occurred.  my only way enjoy a full orgasm, currently, is i must pursue having actual intercourse with a willing lady.  Even then, my only viable option for achieving that is by using MsPatty's pill.  Next, i still want to get laid, but i don't have the sexual energy to chase it anymore.  my last successful act of sexual intercourse was 6 years ago.  my options for achieving it in the future are poor.

It seems the focus of MsPatty's side activities this year have also shifted a bit.  Since December, She has resumed Her focus on the smaller, presumably weaker, testicle, mentioned above.  Another theme seems to be MsPatty's more frequent interest in stretching, crushing, and generally reinforcing Her desire for Her boys to be closer to Her, and further away from me.  This last visit included sequential layering of 7 of the thick silicone bands.  In the meantime, MsPatty has already hinted at some other activities She has been craving.  Since prior to Judgement Day 2022, She has used Her magnificent endowment, 'Her Girls' as she refers to them, to entice and distract my mind a number of times and ways, while physically expressing Her 'Love' to Her boys between my thighs.

MsPatty knows my weaknesses.  She holds the keys to all of them: A natural redhead, an ample bosom, a strong/dominant personality.  Since taking full ownership of Her boys between my thighs in December 2019, what still functions there is no longer mine.  What remains of my sexual future resides in MsPatty's hands and desires.

Latest T - Test Results: sub jason.

Below are the latest Testosterone results for sub jason. 

The blood sample was collected less than 2 days prior to his visit in mid-September. For whatever reason, the results finally came in just a couple of days ago. 

Latest Results:

Previous Testosterone Results:

*Notice that the previous result in April is considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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