Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Home Testosterone Testing...

For those that explore as I do with Castration & Chastity, My latest discovery may make your journey way more informative. 

Thank you, sub jason. After his last visit where I injected and banded him for an hour, we wanted to know what his current testosterone level is. In the past, I have always suggested going to a doctor/lab and having a testosterone test. Yes, expensive and many times embarrassing. Thankfully not anymore, sub jason discovered Home Testosteone Testing kits at his local CVS and they can also be purchased on Amazon. Everlywell at Home - Testosterone Test  is only one example of at home testosterone test kits that only use saliva. No, I am not associated with Amazon nor Everlywell but I just had to share the discovery. 

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Eye Candy Favs...

Just a few eye candy favorites from the past couple of years. As you may notice, I am craving testicle skewering or for that matter needle insertion in general. One of the downsides of having such extreme fetishes is for Me at least, not having consistant access to a set of nuts to amuse Myself with. That's right. If I don't have access to a set of nuts on a regular basis that shares My fetish for Medical or more intense forms of CBT, then I don't get to fulfill My craving for the fetish nor do I get to share eye candy of it. Since My birthday is the 29th of February, perhaps I will get My wish and My craving for testicle skewering fulfilled. One can hope. <wicked grin>

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