Monday, December 21, 2015

 Oh yes, I have been having fun as you can tell.

I have also been ordering more medical supplies since I have been enjoying so much that My supplies was low. I just love receiving the medical supply packages. It always feels like Christmas when they arrive. <evil giggle>

Below you see a Spermatic Cord being clamped by a Burdizzo then the clamp mark after 15 minutes of being clamped.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

 Have you ever dreamt of having a nice set of breasts of your own? Sliding your hands slowly up your frame, your fingertips gently gliding over your warm flesh as your eyes are closed to imagine feeling lovely breasts and ripe nipples while feeling the sensations. Yes, it is possible with Breast Saline Infusion. It's a slow process which must be repeated over time to get larger breasts but it's definitely worth it. Breast Saline Infusion only lasts a few hours so even those that can't have long lasting marks can experience having breasts.

It had been a few years since I enjoyed giving a sissy a set of temporary breasts so I decided to amuse Myself with sissy roxy by giving her a set of beginner tits. Certainly filled her size B cup bra. And yes, I did take some eye candy as you can see below as well as a short video.

Of course sissy roxy didn't only experience Saline Breast Infusion. I also continued her cock head splitting, rebranded My Infinity Brand on her and pierced her belly button.