Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sissy Tammy...7 wks later.

 It's been 7 weeks since I injected sissy tammy with Everclear. At that time, I injected 1ml into each testicle. Even though there was an initial drop resulting in sissy tammy playing with that bitch between her thighs once and a minimal heal time, I wanted more. After placing a hood over her head, placing a gag between her lips and restraining her securely with her legs high above her, I placed that soon to be useless sissy clit into an external catheter and used the breast pump. 

While the pump worked its magic, I amused Myself a bit with one of My Burdizzos.  Since I had a strong desire to begin giving her some squeezable tits, I removed the breast pump cups and inserted the needles just above the nipples to begin the breast infusion.  

As the saline flowed, I prepared the syringes with Everclear. Unlike last time, I used 31g needles so there would be less if any Everclear escaping from the injection sites. Quickly, I used cohesive tape to restrain then separate the testicles. Using 4 syringes filled with a total of 2ml's of Everclear, I injected 1ml into each testicle through several insertion points. 

As the last of the 250ml bags of saline flowed into the size D cup tits that I had created, I removed the cohesive tape from the now swollen testicles and the catheter bag from the catheter. Quickly, I placed a Pretty Pink Princess diaper on her and left the catheter attached with instructions that she was to remain in both till the next morning. Releasing the restraints, I sat her up and removed the needles from her perky new tits. Soon she left My realm wearing a diaper/catheter and a sexy set of tits to show off for a few hours. 

Within the next 24 hours, I will upload a couple of videos from our time together. It will be worth the wait. <wicked grin>

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Future Plans...Sissy tammy.

 As sissy tammy entered My door, I was excited to examine those bits between her thighs that I had injected with Everclear 3 weeks prior. After restraining her wrists and slipping her feet up into the stirrups, I inserted a catheter to take control over her bladder and connected the breasts pumps to her chest. As the breast pumps were expanding the skin upon her chest, the IV sets were connected to the bags of warm saline and I prepped the lines. Soon the breast pumps were removed and I inserted the winged needles into her chest, just above the nipples and began the infusion. 

The 3-week Everclear injection update was next. While the testicles were for the most part soft which meant that the swelling had passed, there was one firm spot. The response to how long she felt pain/discomfort, she replied that only about 3 days after the injections but the discomfort was manageable. When asked about when the last time she had ejaculated, she replied that the last time that she had the urge to masturbate was 3-4 days later after the injections. After that ejaculation, she hadn't since. Since the testicles are still healing, it may be sometime before her libido urges her to masturbate again. 

After finishing the examination, I amused Myself by fucking her sissy cunt. When both bags of saline were empty, I had created a sexy set of D cup breasts that looked fabulous in the little black bra that she wore. Of course before I released her to go home, I placed a Pink Princess diaper on her and removed the catheter bag from the catheter so that her bladder constantly would drain into the diaper all the way home. Just before she left, she was instructed to wear the diaper with the catheter till later that night when she would be allowed to remove the catheter with a syringe since it was a foley. Can you say extremely wet diaper? <wicked giggles>

Yes, I have videos to share down on My video gallery.

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Monday, July 4, 2022

Journey Continues...2 1/2 yrs: sub jason.

 After I restrained sub jason with his legs up in the stirrups with My balls between his thighs totally exposed and his wrists restrained to each side of the bed, I began to examine his groin. The journey that he continues on started December 26th, 2019, with banding the balls between his thighs for an hour and 30 minutes in, injecting each testicle with Everclear. With the banding involved, the Everclear was forced to remain in the testicles for an extended period of time resulting in more damage. Our time began with an update to share. Yes, the update video is down on My video gallery. 

Now it was time to have a bit of fun with those bits between his thighs as well as that almost useless piece of flesh he calls, "mr. penis." The colorful, long candles that he had sent to Me was simply too lovely to ignore so I lubed up the end of one of the purple candles and forced it down into his pisshole. A piece of white cotton rope was tied just under the cock head to keep it erect since "mr penis" can't be depended on anymore then lit the wick. <wicked giggles>

As I looked down upon sub jason's pathetic and almost useless cock, I had a wickedly lovely idea. I knew how to give that limp piece of flesh some girth. With that in mind, I gathered some infusion supplies and began to inject saline into various spots of his foreskin. While I injected saline, expanding the flesh, he squealed from the pressure stretching his sensitive skin. After the saline had been injected, I used a cock pump to force the saline to spread out more evenly which resulted in his limp prick appearing a bit thicker <wicked grin>

Yes, I have video to share down on My video gallery so go take a peek.

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