LeatherRealm: Burdizzo Castration Q & A

Q: I would like to talk to you over the phone about castration or body modification. How would I go about doing this?

A: I would love to talk to you about castration, use the contact form to schedule a phone session with Me.


Q: What should I expect after I send my contact form?

A: Expect to be sent Body Mod Screener questions which you will be required to answer completely. Short answers without detail will only get you to not be taken seriously causing Me to not help you automatically. I also require a basic picture of the area which the body mod will take place. If testicles, I will expect a picture of your scrotum warm and loose. Within this same reply you will be given deposit information as well just to prepare you if I do indeed to agree to help you.


Q: If you agree to help me, what is the next step?

A: After the deposit has been sent, our meeting will be scheduled and we will discuss in more detail about the upcoming meeting.  If other fetishes that we share will be involved, we will discuss those fetishes further.

Q: Do you do surgical castration?

A: No, since I am NOT a licensed medical professional I do not nor will not help anyone by doing a surgical castration. My suggestion, if you do indeed want surgical, keep searching for a surgeon that will do elective castration. I will though enjoy with you surgical castration fantasy.


Q: Will you use the Tri-bander to band my testicles then remove the excess under the band once they are dead?

A: While I have no problem using the Tri-bander to band within a fantasy scene, I will NOT band to completion.


Q: Will you inject my testicles with Alcohol or CaCl?

A: Yes I will help. While I have limited experience with CaCl and more with Alcohol, I will help if I desire to based on your individual situation.


Q: Do you sterilize men?

A: No, I do not help with Vasectomies. Since this is an elective procedure, finding a doctor to do this shouldn't be a problem.


Q: If I come to you for help with only clamping one testicle, will that decrease my sex drive?

A: No. Like a machine, the clamping of one testicle will only force the body to make up for the loss.


Q: Can you help me with medical advice?

A: No, if you have specific questions about your current medical conditions and the like I suggest you talk to a medical professional.


Q: I have fantasized about castration for a long time but I am not totally sure that I want to be castrated. What do you advise?

A: I advise anyone that is thinking about castration to try for a period of time chemical castration. This way you will know how castration feels like without the life long obligation. There is also such a thing as a "Partial Clamping" which may allow you to experience the experience of an actual Burdizzo Castration for about a month depending on the male.


Q: I am only looking for help, must I have also a session to get your help?

A: No, while I do enjoy entertaining Myself with submissives you do not have to have a session to get help.


Q: Do you enjoy using the Burdizzo?

A: Yes, I do. Not only does it feed My Sadistic desires by allowing Me to remove those little bits between your thighs that define you as a man, I also enjoy feeding My medical fetish. Knowing that I am helping in such a life changing situation is pleasurable also.


Q: How long does Xylocaine work for?

A: Xylocaine which is an injectable anesthetic lasts for up to 2 hours after being administered. 


Q: If clamped, how should I prepare?

A: Prepare to want to remain comfortable for 24-48 hours afterwards so making reservations for over night at a local Hotel/Motel would be advisable.


Q: What should I expect during the first 24 hours afterwards after being clamped?

A: You will notice the testicles being hard and cold. You may be physically and emotionally weak as well.


Q: After being clamped, will I be in alot of pain?

A: Since pain or discomfort is a personal experience, it would depend on how high your pain tolerance is. An over the counter pain med will help along with using an ice pack off and on the first 24 hours. A jock strap being worn will help with pain as well.


Q: Do you know of any Surgeons that will do elective surgical castration?

A: Unfortunately no I do not know of any Surgeons currently doing elective surgical castration but My advice is to ask those in the Castration Community. Such places online as  The Eunuch Archive   are great resource for possible Surgeons, Castration Experiences, Connections with Eunuchs and Replacement Hormone Therapy questions.


Q: Should I prepare for Replacement Hormone Therapy ?

A: That is your personal choice. My advice is to do your own research and get opinions of other Eunuchs in the community then go from there.


Q: I use to see you post in the Castration Forums and Yahoo groups, why don't you anymore?

A: Between much of My online time and Schedule calls being wasted by those simply wanting to "get off" on talking about castration with no intention to ever follow thru I decided it was time to stop posting in the various forums. I also had major issues with so many males envisioning 20ish, size 2 models that wanted to remove their balls that will likely never happen. Reality is if you truly want help, it doesn't matter how old or what size as long as the person helping you has experience and is willing to help you. And yes, there are those that truly want help and there are those that understand even though they only want to talk or have the fantasy of castration that My time is precious. Thankfully those males don't take Me or My time for granted.