Monday, December 25, 2023

After Effects: sub jason 4 year Summary

In sub jason's own words...

sub jason's 4yr Summary

MsPatty has again requested a summary update for the 4th anniversary of Her Judgement Day (JD).

On the evening of December 26, 2019, MsPatty had her way between my thighs during an hour-long banding. During the initial 30 minutes of being banded, she pressed everything flat with an acrylic vice.  For the second 30 minutes, She introduced 3cc of Everclear split between both testicles, biased toward the right.  Her primary goal was to temporarily induce the symptoms of castration.  She knew the banding would likely cause an abrupt loss of testosterone production.  This would in turn result in loss of libido, loss of erections, and essentially all reproductive output, for somewhere around 2-3 months.  With the addition of the Everclear, She was secretly hoping for some additional libido dimming/damage to occur which would result in a longer heal time, and/or possibly a slight reduction in my already high testosterone level.

The results were, in Her opinion, much greater than She expected.  Instead of something temporary, there has been a permanent and significant loss in sexual function, which has thrilled MsPatty to no end.  my testosterone level crashed, as expected, and now only hovers around the clinically low-normal line.  It was a loss of ~2/3 of the level i once knew.  my libido is now barely noticeable.  i am unable to get mentally triggered erections, and constant physical stimulation is required to maintain what am able to achieve, which has also lost length and girth.  Both testicles are smaller now.  my ejaculate quantity is lower.  The mixture is generally more liquid, plus my recovery period is several days, not hours.  Having natural sex (I.e. w/o erection enhancement drugs or rings) is no longer possible.  


This past year has marked a shift in MsPatty’s ongoing efforts.  She has been more active in Her efforts to cause short-term, and potentially long-term, impact in what remains of my libido.  During the last JD, She clamped the cord to the right testicle with Her Burdizzo.  Although it appears to remain somewhat viable, there has been an ache in it's cord this entire year.  This experience has left a convincing reminder that She can take Her property between my thighs whenever She wants.

MsPatty has also been working ’her boys’ over the past year, physically crushing and extending them in Her hands.  Her fingers probe deeply, and frequently compress their plumbing.  The most recent visit had a return to applying the thick colored bands, achieving the placement of 7 of them, again compressing the plumbing, and cutting blood flow for a short, but not insignificant period of time.

After each of this years’ visits, the return of my limited libido has taken a little longer.  i have also experienced more frequent hot flashes.  i have again been having greater difficulty in remaining temperature-comfortable when going to bed, particularly as the nights have grown colder.  A recent head cold that likely had a mild fever left me soaked under the covers more than a few times - something which hasn't happened in recent memory.  As noted before, physical activity also tends to also bring hot flashes, along with a tendency to get tired sooner.  As the weather turned cold in recent weeks, and i was working outside, i could also feel my penis retracting deeply inward at times, like a negative sexual response.  It's certainly been an additional negative confidence booster.

MsPatty also remains focused on achieving her ‘Stolen Orgasm’. She hopes to perfect the process soon.  She wants to be able to extract the stored ejaculate which has been held due to chastity, all without achieving or enjoying climax.  Removing 'the load' without achieving climax leaves much of the hormonal edge, but removes a key component of enjoying a release, and as Her theory goes, prevents 'accidents'.

At this point, nearly all of my releases since the summer have been required to be ruined.  That has meant they must be blocked, or extracted while a tube is deeply inserted with a syringe vacuum applied, which has been uncomfortable.  The number of natural releases i have been permitted this year is approximately 10, with most of them occurring much earlier in the year.   Since September, i have only been permitted a ruined release about every 2 weeks. The total count this year is barely past 30, and there are of course only 52 weeks in a year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Latest T-Test Results: sub jason.


This is sub jason's most recent testosterone results which were taken on November 27th and the actual results were received on December 19th. Below them are the test results from the last couple of years. 

Judgment Day has once again rolled around. On December 26th, sub jason will once again find out whether or not he will remain to have the use of My balls between his thighs. 

*Notice that the previous result in April is considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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Monday, December 4, 2023

First Visit...sub patrick.


When sub patrick entered My realm, he had never experienced saline breast infusions, let alone a larger scrotal infusion. That would soon change. 

Each breast was filled with 250ml's of saline. The scrotum, filled with 1000ml of saline. While the saline was causing the breast and ball sack to swell, I amused Myself by taking over his bladder with a catheter and sliding My hard cocks deep into his tight ass.

To finish out our time, I introduced him to breath play and polluted his young, clean lungs to joy juice, sweet gas and cigarette smoke. <wicked giggles> I just love corrupting healthy lungs. 

And yes, there are videos on My Medical and main video galleries. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

My Balls Came to Visit...sub jason

  With Judgment Day 2023 soon approaching at the end of December, it was such a lovely surprise to have My balls between sub jason's thighs return so soon after their last visit. 

Not long after arriving in the early evening, I told him to undress, and I gave My balls between his thighs My attention for a bit. I also inspected to ensure that he had shaved My balls smooth just as I prefer them. Afterwards, I administered a couple of enemas to prepare him for later activities. 

Soon, I strapped him down to the bed, placed his feet into the stirrups just above him and brought out My Tri-Bander with a variety of colorful bands.

One after another till I had 7 bands total which beat the previous record, squeezing the spermatic cords that connect to the testicles. Layering multiple bands, even though not actual castration bands, will result in temporary damage which will take time to heal. I get so juicy when I know that I'm leaving a reminder. <wicked grin>

After what seemed like forever for him as he begged, moaned and squealed but in reality, 24 minutes later, I sliced thru each band with a very sharp scalpel till each snapped apart. Go to My Medical Fetish Video Gallery below to see what happened.

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After Effects: sub jason 3.75 years Summary


In sub jason's own words...

sub jason summary - 3 years, 10 months

MsPatty is again interested in my thoughts since my most recent June, August, & September visits since Judgement Day 2022.

On the physical side, i still have an occasional ache in the right cord where MsPatty clamped ~9 months ago, and She gave it further attention in the last visit.  This has become Her reminder that, even if it is still functional, MsPatty has convinced my mind that She had rendered it non-functional.  This is a typical example of how She slowly erases my limits, pushing my mind back toward a new line in the sand.  Real or not, the next time She goes after it, or maybe goes after the other one, She knows my mind has already gone through the trauma of its loss.  

my testosterone levels have fluctuated a bit, but in the greater context, all seem to be in the range of 172-229ng/dL over the past 2+ years.  That is just under, or just over, the low-normal line, depending on the clinical age-scale used.  i consider its variance to be a combination of life stress, short-term impact by MsPatty's vigorous attention, and testing error margin (i.e. - time of test, sample shipping conditions, and normal lab testing % error).  At my current average range, a fluctuation of ~50ng/dL may bring some hot flashes at times.  In the larger picture, it's nowhere close to what i need to affect my libido and ability to get natural erections.  The strong testosterone levels i knew up until ~4 years ago were easily ~2-3 times higher.

It has recently occurred to me that the 3yr period of 2020-2022 might be considered MsPatty evaluating the results of Her December 2019 activities.  The start of this current year (2023) seems to mark Her return to pushing limits.  MsPatty again wants more for Her, and less for me.  Her current goal is to perfect, in a phrase, The Stolen Orgasm.  She wants to extract my meager production of semen, which slowly builds up over several weeks or months of chastity.  She attempts this theft via prostate stimulation, and a hollow tube down my urethra, which is in turn connected to a syringe.  The syringe is then drawn out, creating a vacuum down my plumbing.  During the stimulation process, known as milking, As my prostate begins to relax, fluids are drawn from it along with sperm from my seminal vesicles, without reaching a climax.  i am left with the chastity edge i started with.   Were i to be pulled over the (now much higher to reach) edge, i have nothing to affect a discharge (dry/ruined).  my recovery window to produce more, typical of the past few years, is almost a week.  

The closest parallel i can offer is like a determined partner attempting to extract a 4th release (back in the days of youth...) in a very short period of time.  The male's store of semen/fluids is exhausted by that point.  Some might describe it as a 'dry orgasm'.  The added frustration for me, of course, is that none of the prior orgasms occurred.  my only way enjoy a full orgasm, currently, is i must pursue having actual intercourse with a willing lady.  Even then, my only viable option for achieving that is by using MsPatty's pill.  Next, i still want to get laid, but i don't have the sexual energy to chase it anymore.  my last successful act of sexual intercourse was 6 years ago.  my options for achieving it in the future are poor.

It seems the focus of MsPatty's side activities this year have also shifted a bit.  Since December, She has resumed Her focus on the smaller, presumably weaker, testicle, mentioned above.  Another theme seems to be MsPatty's more frequent interest in stretching, crushing, and generally reinforcing Her desire for Her boys to be closer to Her, and further away from me.  This last visit included sequential layering of 7 of the thick silicone bands.  In the meantime, MsPatty has already hinted at some other activities She has been craving.  Since prior to Judgement Day 2022, She has used Her magnificent endowment, 'Her Girls' as she refers to them, to entice and distract my mind a number of times and ways, while physically expressing Her 'Love' to Her boys between my thighs.

MsPatty knows my weaknesses.  She holds the keys to all of them: A natural redhead, an ample bosom, a strong/dominant personality.  Since taking full ownership of Her boys between my thighs in December 2019, what still functions there is no longer mine.  What remains of my sexual future resides in MsPatty's hands and desires.

Latest T - Test Results: sub jason.

Below are the latest Testosterone results for sub jason. 

The blood sample was collected less than 2 days prior to his visit in mid-September. For whatever reason, the results finally came in just a couple of days ago. 

Latest Results:

Previous Testosterone Results:

*Notice that the previous result in April is considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fet w Returns Again.

 A pleasant surprise, Fet w was able to return to Me much sooner than expected. Of course, I just had to take full advantage of the opportunity. 

Soon after arriving, he was told to strip and to get into position with his feet up in the stirrups. Slowly, I began to open his tight ass up with dildos and inflatable plugs till it opened up wide enough to slide My fist deep into him. And yes, video of his sweet ass being fisted by Me can be found on My video gallery.

Ever play tic tac toe with an acrylic ball press and needles? Fet w and I have. It was beyond stimulating. <wicked grin>

After pressing his balls between the two slabs of acrylic and sliding needles into them, I decided to slide 4 additional needles thru his cock and into the shaft. <wicked giggles> 

Yes! I have more videos to share of our time together below on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery. 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Return of Fet W...

 Recently, Fet w returned to Me. To begin after a very short chat, I began working on that very large cock between his thighs. Using various urethral sounds to stretch that bitch so that I could eventually finger fuck it. 

Slowly, I forced the 7-silver balled urethral sound down his very tight piss hole till every single ball had been stuffed down that bitch. <wicked giggle> 

Finally with a smile on My lips, I was able to force My finger down deep within Fet w to finger fuck that huge cock of his. 

Such a lovely sight to see, a reminder of feeling Fet w from the inside. <wicked grin>

To end our time together, I began torturing those large nipples. Starting with My teeth, fingernails then I decided to infuse them. Male nipples don't like to be infused but I get what I want. <wicked grin> 

Yes! I have videos to share which will be uploaded later this evening. 

Go take a peek.

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Sunday, August 13, 2023

My balls come to visit...sub jason.

It's been about 3 1/2 years since I took ownership of My balls between sub jason's thighs, and I remind him of this often. Keeping this in mind, My balls motivated him to bring them to visit. 

When I say that I used most of their visit to squeeze, stretch and smash My balls between sub jason's thighs, I'm serious. <wicked giggle> 

The rest of the time, I used multiple urethral sounds and electro down deep into "mr penis." 

The cherry on top, I allowed My balls to release but no orgasm for sub jason. Ruining his orgasm was beyond HOT. 

Keep an eye out and keep checking back because My video gallery below will be updated sometime this week so you can take a peek.

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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Latest T-Test Results: sub jason.

Below are the latest Testosterone results for sub jason. 

A blood sample was collected a little over a week prior to our meeting on June 30th for those curious if the test was performed before or after his latest visit. 

*Notice that the previous result is considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Return of Slutty Sissy Lara...

Soon after she entered My door and a short chat, I instructed her to undress then told her to get onto the bed. Quickly, I restrained her arms then placed her feet into the stirrups above the bed which exposed everything. Once helpless, I prepared two 250ml bags of saline with tubing and inserted each needle into her supple breasts. The saline began to flow, causing her breasts to plump up. 

As she lay helpless with breasts beginning to appear, I amused Myself by using a small flogger between her thighs, against her sissy clit. Soon, I slid My well lubed finger into her cunt and began to manipulate her prostate. Quickly she began to squeal from the waves of sensations escaping from deep within her and traveling throughout her body. 

Time to allow her to feel what it's like to have a twat. With a smile, I reached for the razor to make sure that her soon to be twat is smooth. Once I was satisfied, I removed a surgical stapler from its sterile packaging and began to create a fuckable twat. Carefully pushing those bits of flesh between her legs as deep as possible then bring the loose skin together over her flaccid sissy clit then stapling. 

The final cherry on top, sliding My finger into her freshly created twat to prepare for a good fucking. 

Next time, I will definitely be taking video but for now, use your imagination with the pictures above.

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Sunday, July 9, 2023

A Look into the Future...Sissy Michelle.

Recently sissy michelle came to visit. I decided to give her another peek into a possible future. After restraining her wrists and putting her feet up into the stirrups, I began to set up the saline for breast infusion. Soon the saline began to flow into her breasts. 

As her breasts began to enlarge, I loaded My Tri-bander with a band and gathered up those bits between her thighs. After pushing her clustered testicles through the loaded bander, I slipped the band from the prongs of the bander and placed it a little over an inch above the testicles onto the spermatic cords. Quickly, I loaded another band then repeated the process 5 more times and released the band just below the previous of each so they would overlap for a total of 6 bands. After 40 minutes, I decided to use a scalpel to cut each band so that she would keep those bits between her thighs for a little longer though she was left with a reminder for a while. 

Not longer after the bands were removed, her much larger breasts that I created had been infused with just under 500ml's of saline each producing large, perky breasts as you can see above. They even look great in a bra which was definitely needed. 

And yes, I even have video to share below on My video gallery. Go take a peek.

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Monday, July 3, 2023

Visitation: My balls between sub jason's thighs...

Recently sub jason's brought My balls between his thighs for a visit. Most of the visit, I had My hand tightly squeezing and stretching My balls. I continually pulled them tightly away from his body to allow him to adjust to the idea of leaving them with Me one day. 

During this visit, we also discussed that from now till Judgment Day 2023 which is at the end of December, he will only be allowed to release with My balls once or twice a month which will require prior permission and will result in a ruined orgasm. In person, if I allow a release, it will finish with a ruined orgasm, or his prostate will be milked. Above is an excellent example of using a urethral plug and a syringe to achieve this. Next time, I will definitely be taking video. 

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Sunday, July 2, 2023

After Effects: sub jason 3.5yr Summary


In sub jason's own words...

MsPatty has again requested a summary update of my journey with Her.  As far as functional improvements, very little has changed between my thighs.  my T-test results technically crossed the clinical low-normal line over the winter of 2023.  In the greater picture, my overall testosterone level still remains ~1/3 of what it was prior to MsPatty's modifications in December 2019.  i still experience random hot flashes.  my energy level (libido) to pursue the opposite sex remains low.  What has recently changed for me is my realization of how many of MsPatty's powerful desires are behind this journey.  During the first 4 years, i envisioned my high libido, and MsPatty's will, competed in many rounds of strength and endurance.  Then, during <December 2019's epic engagement>, She effortlessly decimated my libido in an hour.  The last ~3.5 years has effectively been MsPatty toying with what survived, me struggling with the reality of what transpired, and Her waiting patiently to administer the coup de grace.

After the first meeting in December 2015, MsPatty decided She would one day lead me to experience my fantasy of castration.  During the Summer of 2016 visit, She used Her <Burdizzo on both cords> to begin that process.  This allowed Her to demonstrate how fragile a connection they had to me.  She also declared that she was taking ownership of Her testicles.  Via regular physical and psychological strikes, She gradually separated them from the sexual image which i held of myself.  Even while this transpired, Her next desire soon emerged.  She sought to slowly diminish (damage) the function of one of Her nuts between my thighs.  She focused greater physical attention on the slightly smaller right orb, and/or its cord.  Any time i raised a concern, She pointed out that the other one would still try to make up for it...  December 2019's activities would also impose a greater effect upon it's function and size.  During Her recent Judgement Day 2022, MsPatty again targeted her 'little boy', <clamping his cord> for ~5 minutes.  While it appears to have survived Her latest efforts, i continue to feel the cord's ache ~6 months later.  Knowing that MsPatty is always pushing, Her continued pursuit is expected to cause it further functional decline. 

During November 2019, MsPatty decided to surprise me.  In what should have been my 'fantasy castration experience', She attempted to band Her nuts for an hour, but i was unable to last past 30 minutes.  To make up for this, i quickly promised to last the full hour (in December).  But MsPatty always wants more.  She now desired for me to experience an extended period of healing.  She wanted the expected 2-3 months of castration-like symptoms to linger for a bit longer.  She introduced Her acrylic ball press and added Everclear injections to realize this greater result, also increasing the risk for permanent damage.  As She spoke of in <July 2020>, MsPatty more than met and exceeded Her expectations in December 2019.  She feels no remorse at the result.  She took full control of 'Her boys' between my thighs that night.  From this point forward, my ability to engage in and enjoy sexual activities abruptly declined.  Sexual intimacy (i.e. - intercourse) with a woman will never be the same for me.  my efforts to get erect and effect a release is now high, with low a reward.

In the meantime, MsPatty continues to manipulate what little remains of my libido.  For now, i am still permitted to try to engage in sexual intercourse with a willing woman.  However, Her little pill is my only option to reliably get hard for a little while.  It is my only hope to penetrate, while i must still navigate all the complications of intimacy it now entails.  In my only other attempt to get laid ~2 years ago, without a pill, i failed to enter my partner.  Because i must use Her property (Her boys) and Her pill, i am required to notify MsPatty about any opportunity to have sex, and report on what transpired soon after.  Almost six years have now passed since i was last sexually intimate with a woman.

Soon after my first visit Her, MsPatty deemed me to be a chronic masturbator.  In the ~4 years which followed, She gradually reduced my frequency of self-indulgent releases from an average of ~12-14 times/week, to ~1/week.  More recently, that average has fallen further, now with only 22 releases in the first half / ~26 weeks of 2023.  Always desiring more control, MsPatty now requires me to seek Her permission before releasing at all times.  She has warned She will grant it less frequently than before.  Also, when i am permitted to self-release, i am not permitted to enjoy them anymore.  i.e. it must be blocked/ruined.  What i used to enjoy no longer brings me pleasure, and instead my frustration from it brings pleasure to MsPatty.

i know my ongoing struggle with the effects of low testosterone continues to thrill MsPatty.  At the same time, i had never expected to be permanently modified or castrated.  i have slowly come to terms with Her permanent modifications.  This includes the erectile dysfunction and my loss of sexual confidence.  Despite the last three Judgement Days each granting me another year of use of 'Her boys', my mind has clung to the notion that this has all been part of my fantasy castration experience.  Only in the past month have i come to realize one more of MsPatty's deepest desires.  Her desire has been to turn my castration fantasy into my reality.  She knows that, while She plays hard with Her modified 'boys', one day it will be too much.  Once they fail, Her desire will be fulfilled.  

In the meantime, MsPatty calls Her boys home to visit Her every few months, and i must bring them.  MsPatty fully controls what remains of my sex.

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Morning Delight with Fet w...

Recently, Fet w came to visit. I decided this time instead of sliding My finger down his piss hole as if I was fucking it, I would send some current down it and aim for his prostate. After a while of causing his prostate to pulsate, I wanted something a bit deeper, so I moved him to the exam table. 

As I placed his legs up high in the stirrups and secured them, I began lubing him up to open him up with a 5-prong speculum. Once the speculum caused his ass to gap wide, I decided to bring a little spark to his life and began using My Violet Wand probe into him. After a while, I brought out one of My fucking machines and watched to gentle motion of My cock slowly penetrating him. 

Watching My cock slide deep, a thought came to mind, and I immediately stopped to find My humbler. After gathering his large balls into My hand, I placed the humbler behind his thighs and secured his balls into it. Quickly, I pulled 2 of the 4 inch 22g needles out of their sterile packing and used each on to skewer his plump balls. Keep an eye out in the next day or two for videos to be posted so you can see what else happened.

 Video will be posted soon so keep checking My Medical Video Gallery below.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Sunny Afternoon with Fet w...


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when Fet w walked through My door. With great anticipation, I told him to strip which he did extremely quick. Within moments, I began enemas to prepare him for anal which will begin later but first I had plans between his thighs. 


With his legs high above him in the leather stirrups, I began 2 lines from 2 1000ml bags of saline to infuse his scrotum. As his scrotum slowly grew, I began with a latex gloved finger to stretch his pisshole but I craved skin on skin penetration, so I removed the glove and forced My finger slowly into that huge bitch between his thighs. 

Soon, I craved more so I cleaned up then began sliding into his tight ass. After awhile of sliding into him deep and spreading his void wide, the bags of saline was running dry. Onto enjoying that huge ball sack that I had just created. 

After several smacks and a little time passing, some of the saline had spread into the cock, creating a franken weenie. With the cock head peeking out, I decided to slide some needles into it without disturbing the saline. And yes, I have video to share which will be uploaded in the next day or two. 

With his hard erect nipples begging to be used, I placed a clamp then began sliding needle after needle deep into it, 10 total. The right nipple, looking so juicy, I began to bite, to leave him with a little reminder even if only for a short while. Again, video will be posted soon so keep checking My Medical Video Gallery below.

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Sunday, April 9, 2023

Latest T Test Results...sub jason


Below you will notice that the latest result is now considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Return of sissy tammy...

After several months, sissy tammy returned and certainly made My Saturday afternoon. To begin, I restrained her to the end of the bed. 

After restraining her wrists to the sides of the bed and slid her legs into the leather stirrups, I decided to give her some bouncy breasts by administering saline infusions. Once the saline began to flow, I went between her legs and used My Tri-bander. One ring, two ring and finally a third was placed just above the testicles. 

With a smile, I just had to giggle to Myself and reached for the prefilled syringes with 190 proof Everclear and began injecting the EC through multiple injection sites on each testicle till I reached 2ml into each. As the clock hit 65 minutes, I used a scalpel to cut the bands off.

With two juicy breasts quickly forming from the saline infusion upon her chest, I decided to bring out My surgical stapler and give her a twat that I could finger as well as fuck. As you see above, such a sweet sissy pussy to slide My cock into. 

After fucking that pussy between her thighs, it was time to see the squeezable breasts that I created. 

And yes, I have a 12-minute video to share of our time together below on the video gallery.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Latest Comparison...sub jason.


07/09/2019 vs 03/12/2023

With time, clearly there has been a change of size and more within My balls between sub jason's thighs. Just imagine what another year will bring. <wicked giggle>

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Monday, March 13, 2023

The Return of Fet w...


When Fet w recently returned, I knew that I was going to have an amazing afternoon. 

After clustering his huge balls and barely fitting them into My CBT press, I began sliding My finger down his pisshole while pressing those balls thin. Soon though, My desires drifted to really fucking that bitch between his thighs, so I removed the press then plunged Myself deep into him.

Now it was time to begin the 1000ml scrotal infusion. Once the saline began to flow into his scrotum, I inserted the 16fr catheter to take control over his bladder. 

After amusing Myself with his ass as his scrotum doubled in size, the entire 1000ml bag of saline had filled it. As you can see above, I just had to dig My nails into My creation. <wicked giggles>

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