Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Sunny Afternoon with Fet w...


It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when Fet w walked through My door. With great anticipation, I told him to strip which he did extremely quick. Within moments, I began enemas to prepare him for anal which will begin later but first I had plans between his thighs. 


With his legs high above him in the leather stirrups, I began 2 lines from 2 1000ml bags of saline to infuse his scrotum. As his scrotum slowly grew, I began with a latex gloved finger to stretch his pisshole but I craved skin on skin penetration, so I removed the glove and forced My finger slowly into that huge bitch between his thighs. 

Soon, I craved more so I cleaned up then began sliding into his tight ass. After awhile of sliding into him deep and spreading his void wide, the bags of saline was running dry. Onto enjoying that huge ball sack that I had just created. 

After several smacks and a little time passing, some of the saline had spread into the cock, creating a franken weenie. With the cock head peeking out, I decided to slide some needles into it without disturbing the saline. And yes, I have video to share which will be uploaded in the next day or two. 

With his hard erect nipples begging to be used, I placed a clamp then began sliding needle after needle deep into it, 10 total. The right nipple, looking so juicy, I began to bite, to leave him with a little reminder even if only for a short while. Again, video will be posted soon so keep checking My Medical Video Gallery below.

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