Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Return of sissy tammy...

After several months, sissy tammy returned and certainly made My Saturday afternoon. To begin, I restrained her to the end of the bed. 

After restraining her wrists to the sides of the bed and slid her legs into the leather stirrups, I decided to give her some bouncy breasts by administering saline infusions. Once the saline began to flow, I went between her legs and used My Tri-bander. One ring, two ring and finally a third was placed just above the testicles. 

With a smile, I just had to giggle to Myself and reached for the prefilled syringes with 190 proof Everclear and began injecting the EC through multiple injection sites on each testicle till I reached 2ml into each. As the clock hit 65 minutes, I used a scalpel to cut the bands off.

With two juicy breasts quickly forming from the saline infusion upon her chest, I decided to bring out My surgical stapler and give her a twat that I could finger as well as fuck. As you see above, such a sweet sissy pussy to slide My cock into. 

After fucking that pussy between her thighs, it was time to see the squeezable breasts that I created. 

And yes, I have a 12-minute video to share of our time together below on the video gallery.

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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Latest Comparison...sub jason.


07/09/2019 vs 03/12/2023

With time, clearly there has been a change of size and more within My balls between sub jason's thighs. Just imagine what another year will bring. <wicked giggle>

#medfet, #bdsm medical fetish, #cbt #leatherrealm, #ohio mistress, #nurse fetish, #everclear, #castration, #banding, #trybander, #castratix, #judgment day, #sub jason

Monday, March 13, 2023

The Return of Fet w...


When Fet w recently returned, I knew that I was going to have an amazing afternoon. 

After clustering his huge balls and barely fitting them into My CBT press, I began sliding My finger down his pisshole while pressing those balls thin. Soon though, My desires drifted to really fucking that bitch between his thighs, so I removed the press then plunged Myself deep into him.

Now it was time to begin the 1000ml scrotal infusion. Once the saline began to flow into his scrotum, I inserted the 16fr catheter to take control over his bladder. 

After amusing Myself with his ass as his scrotum doubled in size, the entire 1000ml bag of saline had filled it. As you can see above, I just had to dig My nails into My creation. <wicked giggles>

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