Sunday, May 29, 2016

 Yes! As you can see from below, I amused Myself with needles, electro and injecting another set.

Oh yes! I have eye candy below as well as on the Video Gallery Link.

Don't you just love a great mind fuck when you are completely helpless to resist?

The latest CaCl injection update picture for Day 91 - Second Injection.

Sissy roxy reports that her testicles are sensitive and are still noticeably decreasing in size. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

As you can see, I have been REALLY enjoying the Electro Urethral Sparklers that I have been making.


The latest CaCl injection update picture for Day 84 - Second Injection.

Sissy roxy has noticed a continue change in size but is no long experiencing pain and the testicles are no longer swollen.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yes, I did inject sissy roxy once again but this time with a 40% CaCl solution. Before injecting, I examined the testicles which had been injected with a 30% solution just a couple of weeks shy of 3 months. I found them slightly smaller than before as well as the texture had definitely changed. When questioned, she said that she didn't notice much change till just awhile prior to visiting Me once again. Yes with CaCl this is normal. It's a slow process and from those that has injected, most don't notice much change till around 3 months in. If your looking for a noticeable change quickly, this is not the method for you.

As you see from My eye candy below as well as on My video link, I amused Myself by needling Sissy roxy's mouth shut as well as giving her Saline Infused Breast once again. I also Split her Cock Head more.



The latest CaCl injection update picture for Day 77 - Second Injection.