Sunday, May 27, 2012

From time to time I amuse Myself with one of My favorites.....creating a twat between the thighs of males. This past week, not only did I create a twat between sub b's thighs with surgical staples but I also inserted needles into his balls, head of his cock and his urethral opening. Below is a bit of eye candy for you to get gooey over.



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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 As you can tell, My freak's freak brand via cell popping is turning out nicely. In the picture too is the current status of his cock head splitting. Yes, a slow splitting but I prefer to go slow with My freak's modification. Perhaps you may be asking yourself why I am modifying's quite simple really. Not only does it amuse Me to use him in such a way as well as get Me also marks him, keeping him honest and loyal. 

There is no way to hide what he is when not only is his cock slowly being split but he is marked permanently as a freak.

Monday, May 14, 2012

 I just love it when I can amuse Myself so often.....yes last week was back to back fun for Me. As you can see by the pictures below, I enjoyed sub dave and sub d. Of course I also enjoyed the other sub dave as well which I got video which is on the link below.

Lets start with My pleasurable time with sub dave. I enjoyed him by mummifying him with pallet wrap, duct tape and a medical neck brace. I then took away his sight and hearing with a simple leather blindfold and ear plugs. For additional security, I added a chest strap as well as a tight strap over his thighs. Soon I inserted a catheter into his bladder to take control over it. After leaving him in this state for a couple of hours, I added surgical staples into his scrotum to attach electro alligator clamps with leads which was hooked to a TENS unit. Ahh yes, being completely restrained and mummified then having electricity sent into his balls was very stimulating for quite awhile. Thru out the time I was electrifying his balls, I was also pulling and torturing his pierced nipples with him helpless to do anything but suffer. 


Next is My time with sub d. While I amused Myself with so many pleasurable things during our time together, below you will see how I enjoyed skewering his nuts with needles and just prior I used sounds to stretch his urethra then inserted a catheter to take control over his bladder while he was restrained to My table.


In the last several months, I have thought about how I screen and go thru the process for certain body mod meetings. Effective immediately, I will require a picture of that specific area where the body mod will take place attached to the email with your response to the questions I required answered in detail. Also, if I do agree to meet with you after I have screened you there will be a meeting required prior to that body mod meeting. If a scene is involved within the body mod meeting then the meeting prior will also. If no scene is involved, the meeting prior will only be a consultation.

Latest Medical/Castration & Body Mod Updates:

May 2012 - July 2012 Schedule

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