Monday, January 21, 2019

Exam Table

Sometimes it simply takes a new piece of furniture to get the juices flowing. The exam table is set up with it's stirrups spread out and extended. The silver tray, displaying various  speculums as well as an enema syringe to prepare My patient for their exam. 
The latest CaCl Update for Day 1057 - Fifth Injection:

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Testicle Infusion.

Another fun fill week but I was reminded that I hadn't posted the rest of My eye candy from My time with sub jason. As I was editing video from a couple of weeks ago, I decided to upload one of the videos which is a much larger file than My current host allows to Motherless. Let's see if this works out. If so, I will post better quality video from time to time there. I will indicate in the description here on LeatherRealm if the video is being hosted there. Before you start wondering, you are NOT required to register to watch the videos. So YES, the videos remain free to watch. 
The latest CaCl injection update picture for Day 1043 - Fifth Injection

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome to the latest Medical & Body Mod Fetish Blog. Yes, the great same content but much more organized. 

Speaking of content, over the years I have posted many videos to share and to inspire others like Myself that love to explore. I am realistic, I know My videos are posted elsewhere such as Motherless and other sites that allow users to post videos. I have absolutely no problem with My videos being posted elsewhere as long as they stay intact. If the copyright info at the end is removed, that's when I have a problem. Thank you to those that have contacted Me over the years to let Me know that My videos has ended up elsewhere. I do appreciate the information. 

Over the holidays, I was shopping for supplies. Since I know many are looking for reliable sources for medical supplies, here are some places to consider.

Play Piercing Kits Great place to order needles and more. 

BME Shop If you're into body modification, you will love BME. They also carry Xylocaine. 

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