Monday, December 25, 2023

After Effects: sub jason 4 year Summary

In sub jason's own words...

sub jason's 4yr Summary

MsPatty has again requested a summary update for the 4th anniversary of Her Judgement Day (JD).

On the evening of December 26, 2019, MsPatty had her way between my thighs during an hour-long banding. During the initial 30 minutes of being banded, she pressed everything flat with an acrylic vice.  For the second 30 minutes, She introduced 3cc of Everclear split between both testicles, biased toward the right.  Her primary goal was to temporarily induce the symptoms of castration.  She knew the banding would likely cause an abrupt loss of testosterone production.  This would in turn result in loss of libido, loss of erections, and essentially all reproductive output, for somewhere around 2-3 months.  With the addition of the Everclear, She was secretly hoping for some additional libido dimming/damage to occur which would result in a longer heal time, and/or possibly a slight reduction in my already high testosterone level.

The results were, in Her opinion, much greater than She expected.  Instead of something temporary, there has been a permanent and significant loss in sexual function, which has thrilled MsPatty to no end.  my testosterone level crashed, as expected, and now only hovers around the clinically low-normal line.  It was a loss of ~2/3 of the level i once knew.  my libido is now barely noticeable.  i am unable to get mentally triggered erections, and constant physical stimulation is required to maintain what am able to achieve, which has also lost length and girth.  Both testicles are smaller now.  my ejaculate quantity is lower.  The mixture is generally more liquid, plus my recovery period is several days, not hours.  Having natural sex (I.e. w/o erection enhancement drugs or rings) is no longer possible.  


This past year has marked a shift in MsPatty’s ongoing efforts.  She has been more active in Her efforts to cause short-term, and potentially long-term, impact in what remains of my libido.  During the last JD, She clamped the cord to the right testicle with Her Burdizzo.  Although it appears to remain somewhat viable, there has been an ache in it's cord this entire year.  This experience has left a convincing reminder that She can take Her property between my thighs whenever She wants.

MsPatty has also been working ’her boys’ over the past year, physically crushing and extending them in Her hands.  Her fingers probe deeply, and frequently compress their plumbing.  The most recent visit had a return to applying the thick colored bands, achieving the placement of 7 of them, again compressing the plumbing, and cutting blood flow for a short, but not insignificant period of time.

After each of this years’ visits, the return of my limited libido has taken a little longer.  i have also experienced more frequent hot flashes.  i have again been having greater difficulty in remaining temperature-comfortable when going to bed, particularly as the nights have grown colder.  A recent head cold that likely had a mild fever left me soaked under the covers more than a few times - something which hasn't happened in recent memory.  As noted before, physical activity also tends to also bring hot flashes, along with a tendency to get tired sooner.  As the weather turned cold in recent weeks, and i was working outside, i could also feel my penis retracting deeply inward at times, like a negative sexual response.  It's certainly been an additional negative confidence booster.

MsPatty also remains focused on achieving her ‘Stolen Orgasm’. She hopes to perfect the process soon.  She wants to be able to extract the stored ejaculate which has been held due to chastity, all without achieving or enjoying climax.  Removing 'the load' without achieving climax leaves much of the hormonal edge, but removes a key component of enjoying a release, and as Her theory goes, prevents 'accidents'.

At this point, nearly all of my releases since the summer have been required to be ruined.  That has meant they must be blocked, or extracted while a tube is deeply inserted with a syringe vacuum applied, which has been uncomfortable.  The number of natural releases i have been permitted this year is approximately 10, with most of them occurring much earlier in the year.   Since September, i have only been permitted a ruined release about every 2 weeks. The total count this year is barely past 30, and there are of course only 52 weeks in a year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Latest T-Test Results: sub jason.


This is sub jason's most recent testosterone results which were taken on November 27th and the actual results were received on December 19th. Below them are the test results from the last couple of years. 

Judgment Day has once again rolled around. On December 26th, sub jason will once again find out whether or not he will remain to have the use of My balls between his thighs. 

*Notice that the previous result in April is considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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Monday, December 4, 2023

First Visit...sub patrick.


When sub patrick entered My realm, he had never experienced saline breast infusions, let alone a larger scrotal infusion. That would soon change. 

Each breast was filled with 250ml's of saline. The scrotum, filled with 1000ml of saline. While the saline was causing the breast and ball sack to swell, I amused Myself by taking over his bladder with a catheter and sliding My hard cocks deep into his tight ass.

To finish out our time, I introduced him to breath play and polluted his young, clean lungs to joy juice, sweet gas and cigarette smoke. <wicked giggles> I just love corrupting healthy lungs. 

And yes, there are videos on My Medical and main video galleries.