Sunday, May 15, 2022

Saturday with Sissy tammy...

 My Saturday with sissy tammy began with pumping then infusing 250ml of saline into each breast. Yes, I created a beautiful set of C-cup breasts. Soon, I took over her bladder by inserting a foley catheter into her. 

After creating those luscious tits, I restrained her down tight and shoved a ball gag into her mouth then clamped the catheter to prevent her bladder being emptied. Legs spread wide and totally helpless, I brought out My burdizzo. Quickly, I found one of the spermatic cords that leads to the testicle...

When I had finished with her just before removing the restraints, I placed her into a diaper and removed the clamp from the catheter. My final instructions were simple, keep hydrated to keep the breasts I created for as long as possible and do not remove the catheter nor diaper till late that night. I'm sure that 6-hour car ride was a very wet one. <wicked giggle> 

Yes, I'm in such a lovely mood that I have video of using the burdizzo down below on My Video gallery.

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Saturday Delight with Sissy tammy...

 Such a delight My Saturday went when I amused Myself with sissy tammy. Our meeting began with stretching her piss hole with urethral sounds. It wasn't long till I decided to fill up those bits between her thighs with 10ml of saline into each testicle. Blue balls times 10 was the result. <wicked giggle>

Just before infusing the last 2ml's of saline into each testicle, I began carefully opening up that sissy cunt till I was just about able to fist that bitch. As My fist was just about to plunge into that once tight cunt, I used My free hand to fill those bits full of saline. 

When I was fully satisfied, I placed her into a diaper and sent her home. My instructions were clear, she would remain in the diaper till the next morning.

Video from our time together has been posted to My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Long, HOTT Afternoon with Fetishist w...

 My long HOTT afternoon with Fet w began with several enemas in preparation for anal later on. Next came placing his balls between 2 slabs of clear acrylic and crushing them along with forcing My finger down his piss hole till I was satisfied. 

Soon after I finger fucked that bitch hole between his thighs, I began working open his ass till I stretched and filled it. 

To finish our time together, I used 22g x 4-inch needles to skewer and penetrate his balls. The cherry on top was birthday candles attached to the needle hubs that I finished our time together by making a wish. <wicked grin> 

To say the panties was juicy from our time together is an understatement. 

Videos from My time with him has been posted to My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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Monday, April 18, 2022

An Afternoon with sub e...

 My late afternoon meeting with sub e began with a couple of cleansing enemas to prepare his body. Soon, I would begin to open his ass up with plugs, dildos and finally My fist. My fist repeatedly slides inside his fleshy void after My initial thrust of My fist.

Of course, I wasn't finished so I gathered up the balls between his thighs while his legs were high in stirrups over the bed. Once his balls were clustered with My hands, I placed the modified humbler on then connected it to the chain up above him. In this position, he was completely exposed. Soon, I began sliding My long 22g x 4-inch needles into his balls, skewering them. 

More videos have been posted to take a peek at down on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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Sunday, April 10, 2022

An Afternoon with Sissy tammy...

 My afternoon with sissy tammy began with taking control over her bladder by inserting a catheter down her piss hole then slowly working her tight cunt open till I could easily slide My fist inside her. 

Of course, I wasn't finished so I placed her bits between her thighs in My modified humbler then began to skewer those balls which was a first for her. Just after those balls were skewered with My long needles, I began showing her what needle insertions into that sissy clit feels like. To finish, I showered those skewered bits of flesh between her thighs with hot wax. Oh Yes! I had an excellent afternoon.

Go take a peek at the videos that I am so generously sharing down on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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Monday, March 21, 2022

An Afternoon with Sissy j...

 Two weeks prior to our time together, sissy j was locked in chastity. Almost daily, he would text to tell Me how frustrated he was and tired since he was constantly being woke up at night from erections. I absolutely loved hearing how much he was suffering. 

After using the breast pump, I began infusing his very flat breast with saline. As the saline flowed, I also began violating his tight sissy cunt. By the time I was finished, his sissy breast was filled with a total of 850ml's of saline producing perky C-cup breast. <wicked grin> 

     Rosey round reminders from the breast pump even after I created a slutty set of C cup sissy tits. 

Before he left, I used My key to remove his chastity device. Yes, those bits between his thighs were locked up tight during our entire time together. <wicked giggle>

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Sunday, March 13, 2022

An Evening with sub jason & Current Results...

 The evening started with placing sub jason in a strait jacket and restraining him to the bed with his legs up in the leather stirrups, so I had complete access to My balls between his thighs. Next, I placed electrodes beneath each testicle and on that bit of flesh that was attempting to hide. Soon after, I placed My balls into the acrylic ball press that sub jason had made for Me a couple of years ago. As My balls was electrified and pressed tightly between the two slabs of acrylic, I began to inject saline into each pressed nut. <wicked giggle>

     After injecting 10ml's of saline into each testicle and sending electricity thru each of them as well as his cock, I tied off his scrotum after removing everything and began injecting saline into it till, I emptied the 1000ml bag. What happened next? I smacked the hell out of that big ball sack for a while till I was totally satisfied. LOL 

Yes, I have video to share which will be posted within the next 48 hours.

      As you can see from his latest testosterone test results, Judgement Day 2021 didn't do alot of damage to his T-level, but it did take an impact. 

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