Monday, July 8, 2024

Late Afternoon with sub jason...

My late afternoon with sub jason started by using the testicle sizer/Prater Orchidometer to measure My balls between his thighs. The left testicle was at the 20 and the right was just about at the 15 egg. Yes, My balls between his thighs are regressing. LOL 

Soon, I found Myself reminiscing about the last 4 1/2 years since that very first Judgment Day in December of 2019 when I took ownership of My balls between his thighs. With the biggest smile you've ever seen across My face, I decided to inject his spermatic cords with injectable Lidocaine. 

As he laid helplessly restrained, I reached for My Italian Burdizzo and before long, I had his spermatic cord between the blades, applying pressure. Will I close the clamp all the way or will I just do a partial clamp? 

To find out, the videos will soon be posted. <wicked grin>

The videos from our time together which will be posted in the next day or two can be found on the medical video gallery below. 

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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Current Measurements: sub jason

sub jason's June 2024 Measurements, Highs, & Lows

Left Testicle:

May 2020: 3.60cm x 2.50cm x 1.60cm -> 60.31 (initial low)

Feb 2021: 4.45cm x 3.60cm x 2.50cm -> 167.76 (1st peak)

Sep 2022: 4.30cm x 3.40cm x 2.20cm -> 134.73 (2nd low)

Feb 2023: 4.33cm x 3.36cm x 2.44cm -> 148.70 (2nd peak)

Feb 2024: 4.30cm x 3.21cm x 2.38cm -> 137.61 (JD 2023+1.5mo)

Jun 2024: 3.93cm x 3.10cm x 1.97cm -> 100.53 (current low)

Right Testicle:

Mar 2020: 3.50cm x 2.20cm x 1.40cm -> 45.16 (initial low)

Mar 2021: 4.50cm x 3.50cm x 2.05cm -> 135.25 (1st peak)

Aug 2022: 4.20cm x 3.30cm x 1.85cm -> 107.40 (2nd low)

Dec 2022: 4.28cm x 3.17cm x 2.37cm -> 134.70 (2nd peak)

Feb 2023: 4.29cm x 3.15cm x 2.34cm -> 132.46 (JD 2023+1.5mo)

Jun 2024: 3.90cm x 2.90cm x 1.80cm -> 85.28 (current low)

The videos from our time together can be found on the medical and what's new video galleries. 

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After Effects: sub jason update, 8 weeks


sub jason update - ~8 weeks

In sub jason's own words...

It's been almost 2 months since MsPatty last had Her way with Her boys between my thighs.  MsPatty has requested that i compile another update. 

For those that were surprised at some of MsPatty's activities, the feeling was fairly mutual.  An enema, catheter, and some form of sensory deprivation are all fairly common.  Her frequent use of the wide silicone bands makes them very likely.  The acrylic press, electro, and the card game was somewhat expected based on e-mail exchanges we recently had.  However, Her choice to then inject 3cc of Everclear into Her boys, the heavy needle stirring inside, and being banded during this with the heavy castration band for ~25 minutes were not expected.  When i asked Her where the impulse came from, Her response was that She decided to 'take Her boys down a notch'.  i am not sure how many notches they have left to go down.  Although some more time needs to pass to evaluate the effects, i have little doubt that MsPatty has likely caused further long-term impact to Her boys between my thighs.

In the hours, days and several weeks which followed, both testicles were swollen and very sensitive. As the sensitivity to pressure gradually declined a ~month later, each began to atrophy and harden.  The left has lost the most overall volume but remains the slightly larger of the two.  Both are currently very firm, with surface contouring which can be described as pebble-like.  They have roundness, but also indentations, or small bumps across some parts of their surface.  They are similar to the effects described in my private updates to MsPatty back in early 2020.  The right cord continues to have an occasional ache from MsPatty's Dec. 2022 burdizzo clamping.

Since the events in April, i have noticed hot flashes returning more frequently, almost daily, and sometimes twice a day.  The only difference is there have not been any obvious trigger activities i can determine as before.  The urge to release has declined to about once a week.  At the same time, i have trouble remembering the last time unless i write them down immediately.  my releases have less overall thickness, a slightly lower average liquid amounts, and i can feel that i have very little to ejaculate.  my current libido would seem to be lower than it was over the recent winter and the past few years.  If the 2019-2020 experience is any indicator, it could be another 3-5 weeks before i may feel a slight return of what little libido i may retain. 

i recently realized that my memories of sexual activities with past partners have become quite difficult to recall.  i have to review the list MsPatty extracted from me several years ago to revisit some mere highlights.  Overall, daily and weekly thoughts about sex have declined even further than what was after MsPatty's activities in December 2019, although no 'void' in the pelvic area appeared this time.  i notice now that my general interest in meeting new women is quickly overridden by a combination of fear and embarrassment... for what will be their eventual discovery? but the sexual failure MsPatty has engineered between my thighs.  At some point in the past year, during a visit's conversation, i made a statement to MsPatty that, "She has effectively ruined me for other women."  With a sudden bright smile on Her face, She replied, "Mmmm... Yes.  I certainly have, haven't I?", and proceeded to chuckle in Her most evil way for a while...

MsPatty desires another T-test in a few weeks, just prior to me bringing Her boys to visit Her again for their birthday.

Monday, April 22, 2024

An Evening to Remember...sub jason

 When sub jason walked in My door, I knew what I was going to do with My balls between his thighs right away. Soon after chatting for a bit, I instructed him to strip and get onto the bed, I proceeded to restrain his limbs to the four corners of the bed. To allow him to focus, I placed the mask that he made Me over his face then left him alone for an hour to prepare for later. 

After an hour, I returned with a filled enema bag and removed the restraints then moved him to the end of the bed to begin administering the warm soapy water. When the release water ran clear, it was time to begin.

Back into position at the end of the bed, feet up in the leather stirrups and his wrists restrained to the end corners of the bed. The spandex hood placed over his head to force him to focus on what he was about to experience. 

To begin, I placed My balls between his thighs as well as cock into the acrylic ball press then applied electro pads beneath each nut. For fun, I told him we were to play a game. **Full video of game with instructions will be posted later this evening.

 Now that My balls between sub jason's thighs had been squeezed, I removed the acrylic press and pulled out My new, larger Tri bander. First, I used a non-castration red band and placed it about an inch above the testicles then another red band below the first. The third band, the black castration band was then placed between the two red bands. 

After 8 minutes had passed, I began injecting into both testicles, multiple injection sites a total of 3ml's of 190 proof Everclear. With each injection, I stirred the needle, all the while teasing sub jason. 

When 30 minutes had passed, I began slowly removing the bands, starting with the two red bands then the black castration band. Total time banded was 32 minutes. 

Soon sub jason would be released with instructions to keep Me updated daily. The above picture was sent 3 days after our time together. They are in the process of healing. A T test will be taken in roughly 3 months. 

The videos from our time together can be found on the medical and what's new video galleries. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A Penetrating Afternoon with Fet w.

To begin, I gave him multiple enemas so his ass would be squeaky clean before anything. 

With plenty of lube, I began slow and small which required multiple dildos/plugs. Another sized dildo deep inside him, was one step closer to My fist till finally I was wrist deep into him. 

With him being so stretched out, I decided to create a star.

Now that his ass has been utterly fucked, it's time for his cock to receive the same treatment. I began with My pinky, forcing it down his pisshole till it was up to the second knuckle which was followed by My pointer finger. And yes, I even barebacked.

Next, it was time for him to play My game. After pressing his balls flat within the acrylic press, the game began.

The videos from our time together can be found on the medical and what's new video galleries. 

#medfet, #bdsm medical fetish, #leatherrealm, #ohio mistress, #nurse fetish, #fetishes, #medical sadist, #CBT, #anal, #game, #catheter, #urethra, #finger, #bareback

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Stolen Orgasm

Recently, I have been experimenting with orgasm denial, using sub jason. Orgasm denial doesn't describe exactly the result I want. It was actually sub jason that described it as a stolen orgasm and that's exactly what I want to do. It's not about blocking nor edging. There is no abrupt end to stimulation. The result that I want is to stimulate the prostate through anal or the taint to cause a release. There is no stimulation to the penis. This release is caught by the urethral tubing which has been inserted into the urethra, deep near the prostate. The tubing leads to a syringe with a clip attached to its plunger. This causes suction. Instead of feeling the orgasm as the ejaculation is released, the tube blocks that sensation thus it's a stolen orgasm. 

Why may you ask since those balls between his thighs are Mine and they are only on loan till I decide to take them? Just because eventually, I will take them from him, it doesn't mean he should be enjoying orgasms using them in the meantime. 

The video that been posted below on My video gallery shows the experiment, let's call it an intro. There will be many more experiences, working towards the goal. 

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Monday, March 25, 2024

Sissy Lexa's Return...

 In Sissy Lexa’s own words…

 Once I experienced my first banding i knew I was hooked to this feeling of my balls slowly strangled by the rubber band. After that i looked through twitter and google for castration fetish which showed some nice content but i still wonder if there was a dom that was offering sessions. So I started to seek out a dom near my location and found a wonderful, powerful, and experienced dom and her name was Ms.Patty. I start to watch your content and wish to be on the receiving end of some of your subs. It took a bit of time for me to gain the courage/push I needed to contact you. When I did send my contact info for a consultation, I was nervous at first but after speaking with you I was more at ease and looking forward to a session with you. When I got there, we spoke about rack and a few other things before the session. Then we started the session after we talked. My session was the 1-2 hours, and it was a wonderful experience that I did feel like I had some control if we needed to stop because it was too much to handle, or something wasn't right. Finally, each session I had with Ms.Patty is always a new and unique experience that will never age or tire from.

        This session I had with Ms.Patty this weekend was such a wonderful and long session. This was my first all-day session with her which started with consultation since I wasn't able to see her for a year because of my job. She first started with putting me into a straight which was my first experience being in one. After it was fully strapped up it was very comfortable and cozy and felt restricting but not uncomfortable. I was also put in a blindfold gag combo head harness.  Then she put me on the bed so she could restrain my legs in stirrups which in one of the other sessions I had a bit of an issue with but was solved by lowering them a bit. I really like the stirrups setup a lot for its simple yet effective way of gaining access to your bits and just in case something happens it takes only a few seconds to take down. Then used her new bander which was larger than the other one she used last time. 

The bander so far is one of my favorite ways to be banded. It's better than the elastrator I have for with the bander you can stand bands and they are wider than the small elastrator bands. She put two non-castration bands (there not as tight as the castration band(on overlapping them then put a real castration band on top of those. The castration band was much tighter than any band I have experienced so far. As she allowed the bander to close the ring around the balls it got tight, but the ring still needed to be taken off the posts. As undid the first one and I could feel the band get tighter still then she did the same with the other three. After that I could feel the full tightness of the band around my balls strangling the cord. It felt so wonderful giving up control like this knowing that the band is going to be on for a while which will possibly cause damage in its wake. Then she started with anal and stretching me out with a dilator set. The first couple were a bit small for me as she went up in the sizes until she tried to milk my prostate which was a unique sensation which i kinda like but i hope i can be milked like that more often. Then she continued with the stretching until she thought I was big enough for the dildo she wanted to see if I could take. Which fit but it was a bit snugged, so she went back to the dilator set and stretched me out a bit more. It's been a bit since the last time I have had anal but it's still a wonderful experience to have. I have had a sissy gasm or anal orgasm twice which in my opinion is the better way to cum and still be turned on ready to go again. Then stopped the anal and took off the hood to reposition everything. Hopefully next time she can stretch me further and possibly use a machine to fuck my ass until I'm stretched enough to be fisted again. It's a wonderful and a proud moment when you are able to do fisting which means you can take most toys and find unique ones to try like a ovipositor dildo or really big plugs like the pear of anguish. I was stubborn and last until 47 minutes which is a personal best for me. The feeling of the ring is a very tight squeezing sensation that just doesn't go away and slowly get tighter and tighter over time. How Ms.Patty had the bands position when she did finally cut them off wasn't as bad as the other times since she layered them. So, the real sharp pain of the band letting go was non-existence. The bits were very swollen, sensitive, and bruised from this banding. 

She wasn't done with the bits yet and had plans for them. She tied the bits up so they couldn't run away from her so she can do her next item that was on the list for them. She got her favorite 22 gauge 4-inch-long needles out for skewering those very tender and swollen bits. My first experience with skewering was a bit painful but manageable but unlike last time they were banded to almost 50 minutes. So the pain I felt was almost unbearable, but I somehow got through the 4 needles through both balls which proceeded a central ache that got more painful with each needle (which felt like being banded again around the 20-to-30-minute mark). Then the cock was skewered three times which wasn't as bad as the tender skewered balls. Then once documented the needles were removed, not as bad going in. 24 hours after the session they are just as tender with a bit of swelling as they take their time healing. 

Then with a change of hood, one of our favorites is breast infusion which gives a lovely breast for up to 12 hours depending on hydration, how much you sweat, and quite a few other factors. She stretches the breast tissue with her breast pump so it can take as much saline as possible. The prick for the iv is a bit painful but then it's a weird sensation as the saline goes into your breast area. 

This time around I got almost 500 in one and 600 in the other which produced a nice d cup. 

After the breast infusion she wants to try one of the new gasmasks and a bit of breath play. 

After the session we took pics and I slipped my shape wear over the diaper I had on. It started to shape the breasts quite nicely. Once fully dressed I look absolutely cute as a button. The diaper gave my ass a bit of a padding, but my new boobs looked super cute and full of cleavage.

        After the session I showed off her work to the world for it needed to be shown off. Then once I showed her off with pics I used my diaper in the car. So it was a wet ride home. I did ask Ms.Patty if i could touch her bits and possible cum which she gave me permission. Once home I set a time limit of 20 minutes to cum as a challenge and to see if i could after the session. I opened one of my many favorite videos of her. It was the one of her facesitting on a sub head and the other one was of sissy Tammy for i know possible in the future will be in her shoes or similar. I was able to get hard and able to cum in the time limit I set. I made sure to clean my mess up like a good girl. As i came it was a bit uncomfortable for the tenderness hasn't gone away. I took a shower to try to help with the swelling and tenderness. The next day they are still very tender and have a dull ache from them. 

Video from our time together is posted below on My Video Gallery. More to come.

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