Sunday, July 5, 2020

Post Session: sub jason. Summary 18 - 26

(Week 18/19)
i can mark an overall slight change of between-releases average 'recovery' time from more than 1/2 week to an improved 2-3 days.  Effort to gain an erection/sensitivity has also improved, along with my general interest in women returning.  Maintaining an erection is still not possible without focused physical and mental effort, so confidence in performing sexually any time soon remains nil.  Releases after longer periods of abstinence are beginning to gain some small reward, but calling them the rewarding orgasms i once knew is stretching the term.

(Week 20/21)
Entering chastity again and restarting oral supplements, along with planning another MsPatty visit toward the end of week 21.  Supplements again bring a noticeable edge to my libido, which is welcome.  Some personal re-measurement of testicle volume also points to an improvement.  The previous atrophied 45-50% of average testicle size i experienced early on is now approaching ~60% (of the estimated former average volume).  Their overall contour is improving with further rounding.

(Week 22/23)
Post visit, i return to my more recent non-boosted libido level with the recently improved 2-3 day recovery window.  Release quantity seems to be slightly improved if i abstain an extra day, so production capacity may have a slight improvement.  A few checks on my average achieved erection length hints at a slight improvement comparing to @ Week 13, although maintaining still takes high focused effort.

(Week 24/25)
my sexual response from mental stimulation has improved somewhat in the recent weeks, and physical response has slight improvement.  This is without supplements involved, nor chastity build-up.  Some natural soft erection responses appear the second week which i had not experienced since before this journey began.  This is encouraging as the 1/2 year mark approaches.  Although increased effort is still needed to reach the excitement peak, the reward of release (something a little closer to the term orgasm) is starting to be felt, and more so when a week release interval is maintained.  i will soon take another testosterone test, and follow up with a MsPatty evaluation visit after the results come in.

(Week 26/6 Months)
my original 10-Week Summary doesn't use the word anywhere, but it is there, every week, between the lines (oh... MsPatty added it to her labels).  That word is castration.  It continues to be a slow crawl out of that nullified state. Overall, i have gained a weak libido that has seen very slow but general improvement over the past ~2-3 months.  Gaining a mentally generated soft erection is sometimes possible; my overall effort to gain one physically has seen some improvement.  This gives me some hope i may emerge from this extended period of sexual dysfunction.  Continued difficulty in maintaining any erection tempers that optimism.  An additional uncertainty is that my recovery could still plateau.  i have taken a home testosterone test this week and sent off the sample.  MsPatty will see my results before i do.  i am again restricted from releases until i visit MsPatty late next month, which will mark ~7 months.


After reading his own thoughts over the past 2 updates, you can see that his journey has not only been a physical but a psychological one. My testicles are healing which in turn his libido is slowly improving. Keep in mind, while they are healing and will continue to, they will never be the same as they were before he started his journey on December 26th 2019.

 Towards the end of July, I will be meeting with sub jason once again and examining My balls between his thighs. At that time I will be posting an updated video of the after effects from the hour long banding and injections as well as current measurements along with his latest testosterone results.  

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Post Session: sub jason. Summary 11 - 17

This summary post is a continuation of the after effects from the injections of Everclear and the hour long banding sub jason experienced back on December 26th 2019. This weekly summary are in his own words and are his own observations since then. If you haven't read the 1-10 week summary post or looked at the eye candy from our night together, catch up by reading the previous post entries.

(Week 11)
menopausal-like symptoms continue, but faint evidence of a libido trying to wake up also occasionally appears.  Attempting erections remains difficult and weak when i can achieve one.  i typically need 3-4 days between attempts to 'release' again and 'succeed', with those terms barely relative.  i did some research and provided it to MsPatty.  It suggests only ~45-50% of the testicle volume i likely had still remains (based on human averages).  Imagine a muscle car with less than 1/2 the original engine displacement, broken turbo, badly in need of a tune up, and the transmission is shot.  Penis helmet/rim sensitivity remains unremarkable, and is a retracted nub most of the time.  i start taking a testosterone booster (OTC oral supplement) later in the week.  i am also in chastity to help the cause.  With an approaching cruise vacation (due to COVID, it will get canceled), my immediate hope is to see some improved sexual response.

(Week 12)

menopause symptoms continue almost as frequently.  Some mild penis sensitivity improvement is noticed on occasion along with some slightly better erection response, but nothing that transforms my situation.  my chastity continues, as does taking the oral supplements and adding a patch with different boost properties.  In lieu of the canceled vacation, a MsPatty visit for examination is now planned for the end of this week. 

(Week 13)

Both supplements are still being used and some erections are now reaching between 4"-5", with difficulty, yet the effort/ability to maintain is as disappointing as the previous weeks.  my historical length was once ~6", so i have lost an estimated ~20-30%.   Mentally, i miss what i remember was once possible with a healthy libido.  my last rewarding orgasm was 3 months ago.  MsPatty decided i must maintain chastity. 

(Week 14)

menopausal sweats have since disappeared, and staying warm at night has not been as much of an issue for a few weeks, but hot flashes are still randomly felt.  No significant changes in erection function as chastity continues, but supplements are stopped at the end of the week as another planned in-person visit to MsPatty was canceled.  my frustration at the slow progress continues.

(Week 15)

my testosterone level likely fluctuated as the supplements stopping was somewhat noticeable physically, but the 7 weeks of chastity mental edge continues.  Review into my early 2018 visit personal feedback reveals a ~3 month diminished libido period i experienced from testicle alcohol injections, but it never registered fully at the time.  This detail now sheds additional light on the injections contribution to my current extended experience.  A remote MsPatty session is planned for the end of this week. 

(Week 16/17)

menopausal hot flashes still happen occasionally in these 2 weeks, but then they stop.  i am again allowed 2 releases/week if i choose to with required and continued updates on the results.  However, for first the week following the intense remote session they do not manifest.  In the second week, i noticed a slightly improved release quantity since week ~10, but at ~4 months, they still lack any orgasmic reward.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

An Evening with sissy j...

My evening with sissy j began with a couple of cleansing enemas so that sissy cunt will be all clean for Me. So important to having an excellent fucking experience. Soon I restrained him to the bed and began using the breast pumps to aid the saline then inserted the IV's I had set up to just above his nipples. This was his second time that I gave him tits so it went much better than the first time. This time, I inserted 250ml of saline into each breast resulting in a sexy set of C size tits. Of course I wasn't finished with him quite yet.

After giving him such great tits, I restrained him to the end of the bed and set up the fucking machine. With his legs spread, I lubed his cunt up and slowly opened him up then lubed My cock that was attached to the machine. Soon, I was violating his tight cunt while grabbing his new tits till I was completely satisfied. Oh yes, I enjoyed those tits that I created for a real long time. <wicked giggles>

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Here is a flashback to 2015 during an excellent afternoon with slave dave. Mmm an afternoon filled with a partial cock head splitting, a crown of thorns and testicle skewering. Talk about one hell of an afternoon. <wicked grin>

Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Day with sub jason continued...

While the steel collar was around his throat and after I had released him from the plastic, I allowed him to clean up and performed another enema to make sure that ass remained clean for what I had planned next. 

Soon I had him get back upon the bed and restrained his legs up into the stirrups above the end of the bed so that his body was totally exposed. First to take control over his bladder, I inserted a catheter into his urethra. Once his bladder was under My control, then I inserted the needle into his scrotum to begin the saline infusion. To keep Myself entertained, I followed this by inserting the well lubed electro anal probe into his ass and connected it to the TENS unit. Watching, feeling the anal probe deep inside him causing the muscles to throb against the prostate and causing his cock to react was very pleasurable. Such a long, slow tease as the bladder continued to empty and the saline continue to fill the scrotum.

The end result, I had a blast smacking the huge saline filled sack as I teased him. <wicked giggles> I'm in such a lovely mood that I even have video eye candy to share below on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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Another blast from the past with Fetishist w. Sliding 22g x 4 inch needles thru his cock head and cock shaft. Mmm I still get excited watching and remembering.