Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fet w Returns Again.

 A pleasant surprise, Fet w was able to return to Me much sooner than expected. Of course, I just had to take full advantage of the opportunity. 

Soon after arriving, he was told to strip and to get into position with his feet up in the stirrups. Slowly, I began to open his tight ass up with dildos and inflatable plugs till it opened up wide enough to slide My fist deep into him. And yes, video of his sweet ass being fisted by Me can be found on My video gallery.

Ever play tic tac toe with an acrylic ball press and needles? Fet w and I have. It was beyond stimulating. <wicked grin>

After pressing his balls between the two slabs of acrylic and sliding needles into them, I decided to slide 4 additional needles thru his cock and into the shaft. <wicked giggles> 

Yes! I have more videos to share of our time together below on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery. 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Return of Fet W...

 Recently, Fet w returned to Me. To begin after a very short chat, I began working on that very large cock between his thighs. Using various urethral sounds to stretch that bitch so that I could eventually finger fuck it. 

Slowly, I forced the 7-silver balled urethral sound down his very tight piss hole till every single ball had been stuffed down that bitch. <wicked giggle> 

Finally with a smile on My lips, I was able to force My finger down deep within Fet w to finger fuck that huge cock of his. 

Such a lovely sight to see, a reminder of feeling Fet w from the inside. <wicked grin>

To end our time together, I began torturing those large nipples. Starting with My teeth, fingernails then I decided to infuse them. Male nipples don't like to be infused but I get what I want. <wicked grin> 

Yes! I have videos to share which will be uploaded later this evening. 

Go take a peek.

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Sunday, August 13, 2023

My balls come to visit...sub jason.

It's been about 3 1/2 years since I took ownership of My balls between sub jason's thighs, and I remind him of this often. Keeping this in mind, My balls motivated him to bring them to visit. 

When I say that I used most of their visit to squeeze, stretch and smash My balls between sub jason's thighs, I'm serious. <wicked giggle> 

The rest of the time, I used multiple urethral sounds and electro down deep into "mr penis." 

The cherry on top, I allowed My balls to release but no orgasm for sub jason. Ruining his orgasm was beyond HOT. 

Keep an eye out and keep checking back because My video gallery below will be updated sometime this week so you can take a peek.

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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Latest T-Test Results: sub jason.

Below are the latest Testosterone results for sub jason. 

A blood sample was collected a little over a week prior to our meeting on June 30th for those curious if the test was performed before or after his latest visit. 

*Notice that the previous result is considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Return of Slutty Sissy Lara...

Soon after she entered My door and a short chat, I instructed her to undress then told her to get onto the bed. Quickly, I restrained her arms then placed her feet into the stirrups above the bed which exposed everything. Once helpless, I prepared two 250ml bags of saline with tubing and inserted each needle into her supple breasts. The saline began to flow, causing her breasts to plump up. 

As she lay helpless with breasts beginning to appear, I amused Myself by using a small flogger between her thighs, against her sissy clit. Soon, I slid My well lubed finger into her cunt and began to manipulate her prostate. Quickly she began to squeal from the waves of sensations escaping from deep within her and traveling throughout her body. 

Time to allow her to feel what it's like to have a twat. With a smile, I reached for the razor to make sure that her soon to be twat is smooth. Once I was satisfied, I removed a surgical stapler from its sterile packaging and began to create a fuckable twat. Carefully pushing those bits of flesh between her legs as deep as possible then bring the loose skin together over her flaccid sissy clit then stapling. 

The final cherry on top, sliding My finger into her freshly created twat to prepare for a good fucking. 

Next time, I will definitely be taking video but for now, use your imagination with the pictures above.

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Sunday, July 9, 2023

A Look into the Future...Sissy Michelle.

Recently sissy michelle came to visit. I decided to give her another peek into a possible future. After restraining her wrists and putting her feet up into the stirrups, I began to set up the saline for breast infusion. Soon the saline began to flow into her breasts. 

As her breasts began to enlarge, I loaded My Tri-bander with a band and gathered up those bits between her thighs. After pushing her clustered testicles through the loaded bander, I slipped the band from the prongs of the bander and placed it a little over an inch above the testicles onto the spermatic cords. Quickly, I loaded another band then repeated the process 5 more times and released the band just below the previous of each so they would overlap for a total of 6 bands. After 40 minutes, I decided to use a scalpel to cut each band so that she would keep those bits between her thighs for a little longer though she was left with a reminder for a while. 

Not longer after the bands were removed, her much larger breasts that I created had been infused with just under 500ml's of saline each producing large, perky breasts as you can see above. They even look great in a bra which was definitely needed. 

And yes, I even have video to share below on My video gallery. Go take a peek.

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Monday, July 3, 2023

Visitation: My balls between sub jason's thighs...

Recently sub jason's brought My balls between his thighs for a visit. Most of the visit, I had My hand tightly squeezing and stretching My balls. I continually pulled them tightly away from his body to allow him to adjust to the idea of leaving them with Me one day. 

During this visit, we also discussed that from now till Judgment Day 2023 which is at the end of December, he will only be allowed to release with My balls once or twice a month which will require prior permission and will result in a ruined orgasm. In person, if I allow a release, it will finish with a ruined orgasm, or his prostate will be milked. Above is an excellent example of using a urethral plug and a syringe to achieve this. Next time, I will definitely be taking video. 

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