Monday, February 15, 2021

The Old Becomes New Again

 I will be spending the next day or so converting the older Castration/Medical Fetish Pages 2006 - 2010 and 2011 - 2018 to the newer blog format that is organized by month/year. This will include pictures but will not include every single update since some was simply saying who I had enjoyed that week. After they are converted, I will leave the original pages up for a short time before removing them.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

After Effects: sub jason 14 month update...

14 Month Update Summary, directly from sub jason.

This journey exploring castration fantasy? with MsPatty began over 5 years ago when She reclaimed ownership of Her balls between my thighs.  Since then, it included several brushes with a diminished libido along the way.  This time, the experience has been more reality than fantasy.  

In hindsight, i was able to indulge in many rewarding heterosexual activities for ~40 years...until December 26, 2019.  That evening, MsPatty left Her mark, equal to Her Infinity brand, deep inside her testicles between my thighs.  The ~14 months since then have been a struggle to regain a libido and viable sexual function.  It now seems as though the healing process has slowed.  What has already returned may be all that is going to.  

Reviewing MsPatty’s testicle volume measurements since their acute atrophy ~1 year ago, indicates a steady physical recovery. Both have recovered to an average volume range.  my testosterone level tests have not shown the same promising results.  They are providing much less testosterone than before.  Their feel is still smaller than i recall.  Also, during self-examinations, firmer internal contours hint at MsPatty’s changes inside.

Even with world events as they are, several opportunities appeared to enjoy sex with a lady friend.  They were all missed because i am unable to participate.  It has been a repeated source of amusement for MsPatty knowing Her part in the reason why.

In March, another full testosterone test is planned as is an exam visit. Unless the test results provide an encouraging result, my opportunity window for further improvement appears to be closing.  Whether temporary or permanent, MsPatty remains thrilled that these memories of becoming sexually inadequate will remain with me forever.

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