Sunday, June 27, 2021

An Evening with sub jason..

My time with sub jason began with rendering him helpless by restraining him as well as taking control over his bladder. As he laid restrained, I used My Stinger stick to send electric shocks into that bit of flesh between his thighs that identifies his gender. All the while, reminding him of the experiment that will soon answer whether or not traditional sex is possible for him now. 

Awhile later, I moved him and spread his legs wide as his feet was in the stirrups above him. Exposing My balls between his thighs. For those with questions about what the Everclear injections has done since December 2019, I answer questions.

And yes, I have videos to share below on My video gallery.

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Testosterone Results: sub jason


The results from September 2020 through to the most recent June 2021 from sub jason. As you can see, based on previous results it continues to be in the low range with slight improvement.

My balls between his thighs has changed so much since December 2019, not only physically but hormonally. For the rest of sub jason's life, he will have a permanent reminder of how I have changed it.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Return of Fet w...

After the last year with the pandemic and so much being put on hold, it's so wonderful to start getting back to normal. My normal, the return of Fet w. 

Soon after restraining him rendering him helpless, I began sliding his cock and balls into My acrylic press. What a stimulating sight, his cock pressed between 2 clear slabs of acrylic and his balls forced forward. Totally exposed. One by one, I began sliding 22g x 4 inch needles into his ripe balls. Giggling as I watched ball juice dripping from the needles. Not long after, I began inserting needles into his cock head as he squealed. Each bit of noise that escaped from his lips caused My panties to get even more wet.  

Sliding My finger deep into his piss hole. Fucking that huge piece of meat between his thighs. So sexy....

And yes, I am in such a lovely mood that I have videos to share on My Video gallery link below. 

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Monday, June 14, 2021

An Evening with Fet J...

My evening with Fet J began with giving him his first banding experience with the Tri-bander. At the same time, I began pumping his breast area with his Noogleberry Breast Pumping System which is amazing. I REALLY want one. In preparation for our time together, he had been for 2 months prior using the Noogleberry every couple of days for 30 minutes each time. 

At 35 minutes, I used My scalpel to cut the banding ring from his scrotum and began infusing his breast. Because of the preparation with the Noogleberry, I infused each breast with 400ml's of saline. I gave him such a beautiful set of C-D cup breasts for his first time. Look at that cleavage. Almost big enough to titty fuck. LOL 

As I was giving him a huge set of tits, I was also injecting those bits between his thighs with saline this time while they was restrained in the acrylic press. Slowly, I injected a total of 10ml's of saline into each testicle. I also skewered that cock with needles, using them as conductors for electricity. This is preparation for the future. 

And yes, within the next few hours, I will be adding video to My video gallery below. 

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

My Permanent Reminder

My Permanent Reminder

(by sub jason, from MsPatty’s PoV)

So proud that package
Between your thighs
Fueling strong libido
Frequent stiffness arise

My two boys n’one-eye
Three musketeers’ muff diving fun
Sow male oats at will
Seek My guidance? nope, nada, none

Each Christmas Me they visit
Giving themselves as gift exquisite
Plump and soft in warm hands
Deliciously ripe for My grand plans

My golden ring closes
My boys get sleepy
My Everclear infuses
Two nuts marinate deeply

The hour quickly passes
Sharp steel snaps the band
Hearing My wicked chuckles 
you... try to understand

Testosterone falling   
Chastity edge missing
one-eye sad & retracted
My panties wet & juicing

A permanent reminder 
Eternal frustration
Struggles for hardness
Fails at penetration?

Memories of orgasmic highs
In your hand a fallen tree
My balls between your thighs
Belong to ME!

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