Sunday, June 6, 2021

My Permanent Reminder

My Permanent Reminder

(by sub jason, from MsPatty’s PoV)

So proud that package
Between your thighs
Fueling strong libido
Frequent stiffness arise

My two boys n’one-eye
Three musketeers’ muff diving fun
Sow male oats at will
Seek My guidance? nope, nada, none

Each Christmas Me they visit
Giving themselves as gift exquisite
Plump and soft in warm hands
Deliciously ripe for My grand plans

My golden ring closes
My boys get sleepy
My Everclear infuses
Two nuts marinate deeply

The hour quickly passes
Sharp steel snaps the band
Hearing My wicked chuckles 
you... try to understand

Testosterone falling   
Chastity edge missing
one-eye sad & retracted
My panties wet & juicing

A permanent reminder 
Eternal frustration
Struggles for hardness
Fails at penetration?

Memories of orgasmic highs
In your hand a fallen tree
My balls between your thighs
Belong to ME!

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