Sunday, June 20, 2021

Return of Fet w...

After the last year with the pandemic and so much being put on hold, it's so wonderful to start getting back to normal. My normal, the return of Fet w. 

Soon after restraining him rendering him helpless, I began sliding his cock and balls into My acrylic press. What a stimulating sight, his cock pressed between 2 clear slabs of acrylic and his balls forced forward. Totally exposed. One by one, I began sliding 22g x 4 inch needles into his ripe balls. Giggling as I watched ball juice dripping from the needles. Not long after, I began inserting needles into his cock head as he squealed. Each bit of noise that escaped from his lips caused My panties to get even more wet.  

Sliding My finger deep into his piss hole. Fucking that huge piece of meat between his thighs. So sexy....

And yes, I am in such a lovely mood that I have videos to share on My Video gallery link below. 

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