Monday, June 14, 2021

An Evening with Fet J...

My evening with Fet J began with giving him his first banding experience with the Tri-bander. At the same time, I began pumping his breast area with his Noogleberry Breast Pumping System which is amazing. I REALLY want one. In preparation for our time together, he had been for 2 months prior using the Noogleberry every couple of days for 30 minutes each time. 

At 35 minutes, I used My scalpel to cut the banding ring from his scrotum and began infusing his breast. Because of the preparation with the Noogleberry, I infused each breast with 400ml's of saline. I gave him such a beautiful set of C-D cup breasts for his first time. Look at that cleavage. Almost big enough to titty fuck. LOL 

As I was giving him a huge set of tits, I was also injecting those bits between his thighs with saline this time while they was restrained in the acrylic press. Slowly, I injected a total of 10ml's of saline into each testicle. I also skewered that cock with needles, using them as conductors for electricity. This is preparation for the future. 

And yes, within the next few hours, I will be adding video to My video gallery below. 

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