Monday, March 25, 2024

Sissy Lexa's Return...

 In Sissy Lexa’s own words…

 Once I experienced my first banding i knew I was hooked to this feeling of my balls slowly strangled by the rubber band. After that i looked through twitter and google for castration fetish which showed some nice content but i still wonder if there was a dom that was offering sessions. So I started to seek out a dom near my location and found a wonderful, powerful, and experienced dom and her name was Ms.Patty. I start to watch your content and wish to be on the receiving end of some of your subs. It took a bit of time for me to gain the courage/push I needed to contact you. When I did send my contact info for a consultation, I was nervous at first but after speaking with you I was more at ease and looking forward to a session with you. When I got there, we spoke about rack and a few other things before the session. Then we started the session after we talked. My session was the 1-2 hours, and it was a wonderful experience that I did feel like I had some control if we needed to stop because it was too much to handle, or something wasn't right. Finally, each session I had with Ms.Patty is always a new and unique experience that will never age or tire from.

        This session I had with Ms.Patty this weekend was such a wonderful and long session. This was my first all-day session with her which started with consultation since I wasn't able to see her for a year because of my job. She first started with putting me into a straight which was my first experience being in one. After it was fully strapped up it was very comfortable and cozy and felt restricting but not uncomfortable. I was also put in a blindfold gag combo head harness.  Then she put me on the bed so she could restrain my legs in stirrups which in one of the other sessions I had a bit of an issue with but was solved by lowering them a bit. I really like the stirrups setup a lot for its simple yet effective way of gaining access to your bits and just in case something happens it takes only a few seconds to take down. Then used her new bander which was larger than the other one she used last time. 

The bander so far is one of my favorite ways to be banded. It's better than the elastrator I have for with the bander you can stand bands and they are wider than the small elastrator bands. She put two non-castration bands (there not as tight as the castration band(on overlapping them then put a real castration band on top of those. The castration band was much tighter than any band I have experienced so far. As she allowed the bander to close the ring around the balls it got tight, but the ring still needed to be taken off the posts. As undid the first one and I could feel the band get tighter still then she did the same with the other three. After that I could feel the full tightness of the band around my balls strangling the cord. It felt so wonderful giving up control like this knowing that the band is going to be on for a while which will possibly cause damage in its wake. Then she started with anal and stretching me out with a dilator set. The first couple were a bit small for me as she went up in the sizes until she tried to milk my prostate which was a unique sensation which i kinda like but i hope i can be milked like that more often. Then she continued with the stretching until she thought I was big enough for the dildo she wanted to see if I could take. Which fit but it was a bit snugged, so she went back to the dilator set and stretched me out a bit more. It's been a bit since the last time I have had anal but it's still a wonderful experience to have. I have had a sissy gasm or anal orgasm twice which in my opinion is the better way to cum and still be turned on ready to go again. Then stopped the anal and took off the hood to reposition everything. Hopefully next time she can stretch me further and possibly use a machine to fuck my ass until I'm stretched enough to be fisted again. It's a wonderful and a proud moment when you are able to do fisting which means you can take most toys and find unique ones to try like a ovipositor dildo or really big plugs like the pear of anguish. I was stubborn and last until 47 minutes which is a personal best for me. The feeling of the ring is a very tight squeezing sensation that just doesn't go away and slowly get tighter and tighter over time. How Ms.Patty had the bands position when she did finally cut them off wasn't as bad as the other times since she layered them. So, the real sharp pain of the band letting go was non-existence. The bits were very swollen, sensitive, and bruised from this banding. 

She wasn't done with the bits yet and had plans for them. She tied the bits up so they couldn't run away from her so she can do her next item that was on the list for them. She got her favorite 22 gauge 4-inch-long needles out for skewering those very tender and swollen bits. My first experience with skewering was a bit painful but manageable but unlike last time they were banded to almost 50 minutes. So the pain I felt was almost unbearable, but I somehow got through the 4 needles through both balls which proceeded a central ache that got more painful with each needle (which felt like being banded again around the 20-to-30-minute mark). Then the cock was skewered three times which wasn't as bad as the tender skewered balls. Then once documented the needles were removed, not as bad going in. 24 hours after the session they are just as tender with a bit of swelling as they take their time healing. 

Then with a change of hood, one of our favorites is breast infusion which gives a lovely breast for up to 12 hours depending on hydration, how much you sweat, and quite a few other factors. She stretches the breast tissue with her breast pump so it can take as much saline as possible. The prick for the iv is a bit painful but then it's a weird sensation as the saline goes into your breast area. 

This time around I got almost 500 in one and 600 in the other which produced a nice d cup. 

After the breast infusion she wants to try one of the new gasmasks and a bit of breath play. 

After the session we took pics and I slipped my shape wear over the diaper I had on. It started to shape the breasts quite nicely. Once fully dressed I look absolutely cute as a button. The diaper gave my ass a bit of a padding, but my new boobs looked super cute and full of cleavage.

        After the session I showed off her work to the world for it needed to be shown off. Then once I showed her off with pics I used my diaper in the car. So it was a wet ride home. I did ask Ms.Patty if i could touch her bits and possible cum which she gave me permission. Once home I set a time limit of 20 minutes to cum as a challenge and to see if i could after the session. I opened one of my many favorite videos of her. It was the one of her facesitting on a sub head and the other one was of sissy Tammy for i know possible in the future will be in her shoes or similar. I was able to get hard and able to cum in the time limit I set. I made sure to clean my mess up like a good girl. As i came it was a bit uncomfortable for the tenderness hasn't gone away. I took a shower to try to help with the swelling and tenderness. The next day they are still very tender and have a dull ache from them. 

Video from our time together is posted below on My Video Gallery. More to come.

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Sunday, March 17, 2024

The Return of Fet w...

When Fet w entered My door, I knew that I was going to make the most of the few hours that I was going to amuse Myself with him. It had been several months since he had been able to visit so of course I was going to enjoy the hell of out of him.

To begin our time together, I had him on knees to begin enemas. I will not fuck a dirty hole. After a couple of enemas, I instructed him to get upon the bed once again, placed his feet into the leather stirrups above and restrained his wrists to the corners of the bed. 

Starting slow and small, I began opening his ass up, starting with small dildos then switching to long anal plugs. After a time and successfully inserting the 21-inch anal plug, I started the two lines of saline into his scrotum. 

While the two 1000ml bags of saline emptied into his ever-growing scrotum, I began using electrified urethral sounds in his pisshole. Slowly increasing in size, I used sterile lubricant to slide each sound down deep into his cock then attaching the lead wires to send electricity down into his body till I was satisfied.

Soon after, I slid a large butt plug into his ass then used duct tape to force it to remain deep within. The ever-increasing scrotum between his thighs takes every drop of saline from the two bags equaling 2000mls.
To finish, I removed the two needles from his sizable scrotum and sealed the two insertion points with liquid suture. Soon after, I removed the duct tape and large plug. It's time to get on the spanking bench for a bit of fun. 

Video from our time together will be posted below on My Video Gallery this week so keep checking back. 

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Monday, March 11, 2024

Latest T-Test Results: sub jason.

This is sub jason's most recent testosterone results which were received on February 27th. Below them are the test results from the last couple of years. 

The home Testosterone tests that I will have you get can be purchased on the Let's Get Checked website which also offers a 30% discount code.

*Notice that the previous result in April is considered "normal" even though the previous scale would have considered it "low." It's not a typo. 

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