Sunday, March 17, 2024

The Return of Fet w...

When Fet w entered My door, I knew that I was going to make the most of the few hours that I was going to amuse Myself with him. It had been several months since he had been able to visit so of course I was going to enjoy the hell of out of him.

To begin our time together, I had him on knees to begin enemas. I will not fuck a dirty hole. After a couple of enemas, I instructed him to get upon the bed once again, placed his feet into the leather stirrups above and restrained his wrists to the corners of the bed. 

Starting slow and small, I began opening his ass up, starting with small dildos then switching to long anal plugs. After a time and successfully inserting the 21-inch anal plug, I started the two lines of saline into his scrotum. 

While the two 1000ml bags of saline emptied into his ever-growing scrotum, I began using electrified urethral sounds in his pisshole. Slowly increasing in size, I used sterile lubricant to slide each sound down deep into his cock then attaching the lead wires to send electricity down into his body till I was satisfied.

Soon after, I slid a large butt plug into his ass then used duct tape to force it to remain deep within. The ever-increasing scrotum between his thighs takes every drop of saline from the two bags equaling 2000mls.
To finish, I removed the two needles from his sizable scrotum and sealed the two insertion points with liquid suture. Soon after, I removed the duct tape and large plug. It's time to get on the spanking bench for a bit of fun. 

Video from our time together will be posted below on My Video Gallery this week so keep checking back. 

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