Sunday, March 29, 2020

An Afternoon with Fetishist w...

Even though the odds was stacked against Fet w and I meeting this past week with all the travel restrictions, I was able to amuse Myself with him after almost a year. Such a long time I had waited to slide that silver ball steel rod deep within him. The rewards was great when after I had slid that last ball deep that I was later able to slide My finger into his piss hole. Oh yes, I fucked that cock real good.  <wicked giggle>

Along with Fet w's huge cock, I gave him a huge ball sack. Yes, I was finally able to infuse that sack between his thighs with 2000ml of saline. Not bad at all considering not being stretched on a regular basis. Of course, fucking his piss hole and infusing his ball sack was only two things that I did on My afternoon with him. And yes, I even have more eye candy including video which you can find on the Video Gallery below. 

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Current Testicle Measurements...sub jason.

The math involved for a Human Testicle is the calculation of an Ellipsoid Volume.

V = 4/3⋅π⋅a⋅b⋅c - these dimensions are similar to a center-squished rounded edge barrel
a= largest measurement
b= second largest measurement
c= remaining (smallest) measurement
π= 3.14xxxxxx etc

Male testicle dimension source values: &
4.0cm x 3.0cm x 2.0cm - Volume 100.53096491236
5.0cm x 3.0cm x 2.0cm - Volume 125.66370614045

Size averages vary between different ethnic groups, age, and also right vs left, with one usually slightly larger than the other.

These are the dimensions of My testicles between sub jason's thighs with the caliper. 
3.5cm x 2.2cm x 1.4cm - Right testicle -> 45.155158406468
3.6cm x 2.6cm x 1.6cm - Left testicle -> 62.731322105313

Research and detailed math provided by sub jason. 

As you can see, My testicles between sub jason's thighs are almost half the size of the average testicle. Want a better look? Video eye candy is below on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Post Session: In sub jason's own words...

I have decided to allow you to read in sub jason's own words about his experience and observations since the injections with Everclear and the hour long banding he experienced back on December 26th of 2019. Since he is required to send updates, this is the perfect chance to read about his personal experience. If you haven't read and looked at the eye candy from our night together, catch up by reading previous entries.

The Session Summary:
Cleansing Enema, then a Tri-Bander ring for 1 hour, with 3cc total of Everclear injections to testicles.  Injections were spread into both testicles at multiple points near the 30 minute mark, with a slight bias quantity introduced in the left capsule.  This was followed by a 2000cc scrotal infusion.  Electro, medical, and other sensation activities were mixed in.

(Post-session/Week 1)
After a restrained restless sleep, and some abuse of my soccer-ball sized scrotum the next morning, i am then forced to ejaculate any remaining assets in my male reproductive organ.  Inside the infusion, the testicle capsules, epididymis, and spermatic cords are all in shock, and (in hindsight) they have shut down.  The body sends fluids, with much conveniently located in the bloated scrotum, and the pain from the swelling pressure builds.  my (T)estosterone level has already crashed, but the pain masks this, and displaces my libido right now.  As the scrotum saline infusion is absorbed, it becomes easier to identify each testicle orbs has swelled to about a 2"-2.5" spheres.  That is similar to a small chicken egg, and measures > 2x their normal dimensions.  At mid-week, the entire groin area sensations are something similar to a groin muscle pull.  This general ache is felt at all times, and little movement is needed to escalate.  By the end of the week, the saline infused scrotum has mostly dissipated.  my body is still doing scrotum triage with it's wounded occupants.  Swelling and size are down a fair amount, but component sensitivity remains when any probing is done.

(Week 2)
The first of a few heavy sweats are encountered overnight.  Tenderness on testicles and cords are diminishing from being a day to day constant reminder.  Sensitivity continues to alternate.  i recognize by this time that my libido has failed, as visual and mental-driven erections are not possible, and are manually difficult to achieve for my release attempts/tests.  A distinct void feeling now displaces where the center of my sex drive once originated.  The entire lower torso area is at times humid - probably a symptom of the missing (locally higher) levels of T it presumably would experience.

(Week 3)
i now recognize the hot flashes and cold sweats from the previous week are related to below normal T levels.  Testicle and cord sensitivity remains but is diminished further.  Testicle capsule sizes appear smaller than last summer.  They are developing identifiable contours such as minor dimples or indented lines.  Release quantity/quality still remains low with focused effort needed to succeed, and they carry no euphoric reward.  i think about what is now missing, and the uncertainty as to when it hopefully returns.

(Week 4)
Libido remains close to non-existent.  Void and neutral feelings in the area is my experience.  Releases continue to be of the post-session reduced quantity and quality.  Perceived recharge period after a release remains extended, and releases/erections continue to take effort.  Update feedback is preparing me to anticipate a reduced libido upon it's eventual recovery.

(Week 5)
Some hot flashes during individual days have been experienced.  Testicle contour has further increased with a firmer and textured outer layer.  Lower scrotum skin continues to be thicker as past large infusions have caused it to be.  Libido continues to be low to non-existent.  Releases have had no further improvement.

(Week 6)
Side by side comparison of pics reveals that testicle overall dimensions are possibly 75-80% of their former normal external size.  Releases go from the previously unremarkable to a slight improvement after a weekend of doing construction work around another person with kink interest.  mr penis briefly gets the feeling of puberty's itch one day.  i also recognize that my release spasms over the multi-week period are fewer and also less strong.  i am beginning to miss having had a sex drive.  i am beginning to realize my most intense sexual experiences are likely to have already happened.

(Week 7)
Libido remains low.  Groin area generally feels neutral.  Penis head remains well retracted most of the time.  Releases have remained at the Week-6 minorly improved level.  my former chastity-fueled 5.5"-6" penis now only achieves about 4"-4.5", and takes effort to get there.  Still occasional mid-overnight hot sweats have occurred, maybe one every week or so.  

(Week 8)
With the diminished testicle size likely representative of lost internal structure and function, i am already thinking that an 80% recovery may be the best i can hope for.  i was able to obtain a home T test, and sent the sample in, received at the lab later in this week.  Some minor symptoms pop up that a slight improvement in libido may have occurred, only to return to the previous neutral levels of the past several weeks.  i will enter a month of chastity next week which marks one month to a vacation to help boost any sex drive that may be present.  Physically, the lower scrotum thickness from the infusion is still present as expected, and testicle/cord sensitivity has returned to normal, with the past changes in contour and the alternating firmness still common.

(Week 9)
my free (T)estosterone test results came in.  They are indicative of my lack of libido, my difficulty to become erect, and my formerly average semen mixture and quantity to be reduced.  Although not scientifically measured, it would not surprise me that i have only 25-50% testicle functionality at this point.  i have entered the 1 month of chastity.  my last orgasm, like it was back in September before 115 days chastity passed, was ruined with the deep urethral pressure block.  This time, even though the internal spasm cycle occurred, my failing libido still did not register any sexual peak, and so the related disappointment after also failed to register.  Like the other ~8 weeks, releases have been merely academic.  They produce a measured liquid output (but less than before), and are lacking in a euphoric hormonal reward afterward.  Any achieved peak gets quickly absorbed by the neutral/emptiness that persists in my groin area.

(Week 10)
The T test result has begun to sink in, and one week+ of chastity has passed.  Although i am not caged, there has been little urge to find any kind of sexual edge.  That which defines me as a viable male is but a shadow of its past capacity.  i am considering the possibility that my last successful sexual intercourse with a woman, in later 2018, may have been my last.  This changes the variables to consider with any female relationships that could become more deeper involved.  i am looking at natural libido boosting options and lining up another T test once some noticeable libido recovery occurs.

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