Sunday, March 29, 2020

An Afternoon with Fetishist w...

Even though the odds was stacked against Fet w and I meeting this past week with all the travel restrictions, I was able to amuse Myself with him after almost a year. Such a long time I had waited to slide that silver ball steel rod deep within him. The rewards was great when after I had slid that last ball deep that I was later able to slide My finger into his piss hole. Oh yes, I fucked that cock real good.  <wicked giggle>

Along with Fet w's huge cock, I gave him a huge ball sack. Yes, I was finally able to infuse that sack between his thighs with 2000ml of saline. Not bad at all considering not being stretched on a regular basis. Of course, fucking his piss hole and infusing his ball sack was only two things that I did on My afternoon with him. And yes, I even have more eye candy including video which you can find on the Video Gallery below. 

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