Sunday, December 29, 2019

Overnight with sub jason...

My time with sub jason started out with locking a steel collar around his throat then connecting a heavy long chain between it and My gallows. By doing this, he had limited space to move around My playroom. With a smile, I left him there for 3 hours till I was ready to amuse Myself with him. Of course during those hours, whenever I desired to peek in on him, I simply used the camera that watched his every move.

When I returned, I began by filling his insides with enemas that I talk about on My What's New blog along with a peek. After he was cleaned out well, I put him into the straight jacket, had him put on a pair of crotch-less tights and ordered him to the exam table which his legs was soon strapped into the knee crutches as well as a strap was secured over his chest to keep him in place. Now I was truly ready to begin.

In recent months, sub jason had been in chastity totaling 115 days as of the 26th which our overnight took place on. By doing this as well as him doing routine stretching, we were preparing My balls between his thighs for our time together. During those days, I thought of My balls often even having them visit Me a couple of times while chaste. Keeping him frustrated to say the least. Now My balls had returned and My Tri-Bander had been waiting. 

With a twinkle in My eye, I placed a wide band on My bander and slipped My very full balls between the stretched band which soon snapped tight high on his scrotum. Not long after, I pressed My balls within the acrylic ball press with electrodes attached as the band was tightly cutting off blood flow to My balls. Pressing all the ball juice past the tight band high on the scrotum that I could as I used the electro to distract, even inserting an electrified butt plug up his tight ass. Time felt as though it passed quickly, soon I removed the acrylic press and brought out 3 little syringes. CACL, Everclear Grain Alcohol or Saline was the possible content within those syringes. Can you guess which was used in those syringes that I soon injected into each of My testicles? LOL 

As My timer hit 60 minutes since I had first snapped the band tight around the scrotum, I used a scalpel to remove the wide band causing it to snap as it was cut. With the scrotum bright red, My testicles between his thighs cold and firm, he trembled as I giggled. 

Video eye candy is posted below on My Video Gallery.

More from our overnight together next weekly update.

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