Sunday, May 26, 2019

Pleasure Overload with Fet w...

To say that fet w suffered greatly for Me is an understatement.

So many wonderful ways to enjoy Fet w's long hard cock. Melted wax pumped into his urethra and well fisted ass, long 22gx4 inch needles down into his cock head, stretching his urethra to take more and more...what a pleasure filled day that I had. And yes! As you can see below, I have eye candy to share including video which will be posted within the next 48 hours.

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An Afternoon with slave terry...

Yes, you're seeing this right. It's a double update.  

Ahh My slave terry. I decided since he was dressed like a slutty cock sucker that he'd look better with a filled bra so I gave him tits. I infused 200ml of saline into the right tit and 150ml into the left. Not bad if I say so Myself. <wicked giggle>

Now of course that sissy clit between his legs needed a slight modification so I decided to begin with a slight cut at the bottom of the urethral opening to begin opening it up. Perhaps one day I'll be able to finger fuck that little bitch.

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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Urethral Stretching with sub e...

Have you ever thought long and hard about how many specific parts of your body are actually able to be stretched? As you can see below, I used My 3-way Urethral Stretcher to open sub e's urethra wide. Of course I also stretched his ass and ball sack. Just a wee peek below since I didn't run video this time. When fetishist w returns soon, I will be taking plenty of video to share. 

Open Wide! <wicked grin>

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