Monday, May 25, 2020

Chemical Castration After Effects

Some points of castration experience made by others (chemical) and condensed:

For the first month or so:
  • You may not physically feel any different, although the internal feeling that something missing slowly creeps in.
  • You will gradually lose your sex drive.
  • Emotionally, you tend to want to masturbate more and more, while it is still possible.
Past a few weeks to a month:
  • You will have random hot flashes and night sweats, and they may continue for weeks, months, or more.
  • Your penis will slowly shrink and atrophy.
  • Your penis will lose sensitivity, with physical contact becoming more like any other part of your skin.
  • As your testicles atrophy, you will lose most of the sexual feelings in your groin region.
  • Your testicles will lose mass, and your scrotum will shrink.
  • Erections will become less firm, then weak, until they become impossible to achieve.
  • M/F sexual dysphoria will be reduced.
  • M/Eunuch sexual dysphoria will be reduced.
  • You may experience more external emotional episodes.
Longer Term:
  • You may lose upper body muscle and strength.
  • You will likely gain abdominal fat.
  • You will stop looking at women within a sexual context.
  • Mustache and bear growth reduces dramatically
  • Body hair softens, thins, or disappears.
  • You will feel as if you are asexual.
  • Female breasts may develop over a period of a couple of years.

Information compiled by sub jason.