Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fet w Returns Again.

 A pleasant surprise, Fet w was able to return to Me much sooner than expected. Of course, I just had to take full advantage of the opportunity. 

Soon after arriving, he was told to strip and to get into position with his feet up in the stirrups. Slowly, I began to open his tight ass up with dildos and inflatable plugs till it opened up wide enough to slide My fist deep into him. And yes, video of his sweet ass being fisted by Me can be found on My video gallery.

Ever play tic tac toe with an acrylic ball press and needles? Fet w and I have. It was beyond stimulating. <wicked grin>

After pressing his balls between the two slabs of acrylic and sliding needles into them, I decided to slide 4 additional needles thru his cock and into the shaft. <wicked giggles> 

Yes! I have more videos to share of our time together below on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery. 

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