Tuesday, September 12, 2023

The Return of Fet W...

 Recently, Fet w returned to Me. To begin after a very short chat, I began working on that very large cock between his thighs. Using various urethral sounds to stretch that bitch so that I could eventually finger fuck it. 

Slowly, I forced the 7-silver balled urethral sound down his very tight piss hole till every single ball had been stuffed down that bitch. <wicked giggle> 

Finally with a smile on My lips, I was able to force My finger down deep within Fet w to finger fuck that huge cock of his. 

Such a lovely sight to see, a reminder of feeling Fet w from the inside. <wicked grin>

To end our time together, I began torturing those large nipples. Starting with My teeth, fingernails then I decided to infuse them. Male nipples don't like to be infused but I get what I want. <wicked grin> 

Yes! I have videos to share which will be uploaded later this evening. 

Go take a peek.

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