Sunday, July 16, 2023

Return of Slutty Sissy Lara...

Soon after she entered My door and a short chat, I instructed her to undress then told her to get onto the bed. Quickly, I restrained her arms then placed her feet into the stirrups above the bed which exposed everything. Once helpless, I prepared two 250ml bags of saline with tubing and inserted each needle into her supple breasts. The saline began to flow, causing her breasts to plump up. 

As she lay helpless with breasts beginning to appear, I amused Myself by using a small flogger between her thighs, against her sissy clit. Soon, I slid My well lubed finger into her cunt and began to manipulate her prostate. Quickly she began to squeal from the waves of sensations escaping from deep within her and traveling throughout her body. 

Time to allow her to feel what it's like to have a twat. With a smile, I reached for the razor to make sure that her soon to be twat is smooth. Once I was satisfied, I removed a surgical stapler from its sterile packaging and began to create a fuckable twat. Carefully pushing those bits of flesh between her legs as deep as possible then bring the loose skin together over her flaccid sissy clit then stapling. 

The final cherry on top, sliding My finger into her freshly created twat to prepare for a good fucking. 

Next time, I will definitely be taking video but for now, use your imagination with the pictures above.

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