Monday, July 3, 2023

Visitation: My balls between sub jason's thighs...

Recently sub jason's brought My balls between his thighs for a visit. Most of the visit, I had My hand tightly squeezing and stretching My balls. I continually pulled them tightly away from his body to allow him to adjust to the idea of leaving them with Me one day. 

During this visit, we also discussed that from now till Judgment Day 2023 which is at the end of December, he will only be allowed to release with My balls once or twice a month which will require prior permission and will result in a ruined orgasm. In person, if I allow a release, it will finish with a ruined orgasm, or his prostate will be milked. Above is an excellent example of using a urethral plug and a syringe to achieve this. Next time, I will definitely be taking video. 

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