Sunday, July 9, 2023

A Look into the Future...Sissy Michelle.

Recently sissy michelle came to visit. I decided to give her another peek into a possible future. After restraining her wrists and putting her feet up into the stirrups, I began to set up the saline for breast infusion. Soon the saline began to flow into her breasts. 

As her breasts began to enlarge, I loaded My Tri-bander with a band and gathered up those bits between her thighs. After pushing her clustered testicles through the loaded bander, I slipped the band from the prongs of the bander and placed it a little over an inch above the testicles onto the spermatic cords. Quickly, I loaded another band then repeated the process 5 more times and released the band just below the previous of each so they would overlap for a total of 6 bands. After 40 minutes, I decided to use a scalpel to cut each band so that she would keep those bits between her thighs for a little longer though she was left with a reminder for a while. 

Not longer after the bands were removed, her much larger breasts that I created had been infused with just under 500ml's of saline each producing large, perky breasts as you can see above. They even look great in a bra which was definitely needed. 

And yes, I even have video to share below on My video gallery. Go take a peek.

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