Sunday, October 15, 2023

My Balls Came to Visit...sub jason

  With Judgment Day 2023 soon approaching at the end of December, it was such a lovely surprise to have My balls between sub jason's thighs return so soon after their last visit. 

Not long after arriving in the early evening, I told him to undress, and I gave My balls between his thighs My attention for a bit. I also inspected to ensure that he had shaved My balls smooth just as I prefer them. Afterwards, I administered a couple of enemas to prepare him for later activities. 

Soon, I strapped him down to the bed, placed his feet into the stirrups just above him and brought out My Tri-Bander with a variety of colorful bands.

One after another till I had 7 bands total which beat the previous record, squeezing the spermatic cords that connect to the testicles. Layering multiple bands, even though not actual castration bands, will result in temporary damage which will take time to heal. I get so juicy when I know that I'm leaving a reminder. <wicked grin>

After what seemed like forever for him as he begged, moaned and squealed but in reality, 24 minutes later, I sliced thru each band with a very sharp scalpel till each snapped apart. Go to My Medical Fetish Video Gallery below to see what happened.

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