Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sissy Tammy...7 wks later.

 It's been 7 weeks since I injected sissy tammy with Everclear. At that time, I injected 1ml into each testicle. Even though there was an initial drop resulting in sissy tammy playing with that bitch between her thighs once and a minimal heal time, I wanted more. After placing a hood over her head, placing a gag between her lips and restraining her securely with her legs high above her, I placed that soon to be useless sissy clit into an external catheter and used the breast pump. 

While the pump worked its magic, I amused Myself a bit with one of My Burdizzos.  Since I had a strong desire to begin giving her some squeezable tits, I removed the breast pump cups and inserted the needles just above the nipples to begin the breast infusion.  

As the saline flowed, I prepared the syringes with Everclear. Unlike last time, I used 31g needles so there would be less if any Everclear escaping from the injection sites. Quickly, I used cohesive tape to restrain then separate the testicles. Using 4 syringes filled with a total of 2ml's of Everclear, I injected 1ml into each testicle through several insertion points. 

As the last of the 250ml bags of saline flowed into the size D cup tits that I had created, I removed the cohesive tape from the now swollen testicles and the catheter bag from the catheter. Quickly, I placed a Pretty Pink Princess diaper on her and left the catheter attached with instructions that she was to remain in both till the next morning. Releasing the restraints, I sat her up and removed the needles from her perky new tits. Soon she left My realm wearing a diaper/catheter and a sexy set of tits to show off for a few hours. 

Within the next 24 hours, I will upload a couple of videos from our time together. It will be worth the wait. <wicked grin>

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