Sunday, August 15, 2021

Long Distance Results: Sissy michelle


Results: Sissy michelle's own words...

In the beginning when I met MsPatty I had a thing for cross dressing. After a brief phone call She agreed to meet me. But of course She insisted that I dress prior to our meeting and arrive all dressed up. When arriving and entering Leather Realm MsPatty immediately commented on my legs high heels and clothes that I wore. I think at this point she had planned on how all our sessions would go. She remarked on how there was a bulge in my skirt, and with legs like mine that I didn't need testicles. After a little meet and greet conversation to get aquatinted I was in restrains and before I could blink the testicles were inside the jaws of the burdizzo with pressure being applied to the handles. Was I about to loose them? MsPatty showed mercy and that day I left Leather Realm with a new understanding. i was the submissive and told what to do!

    In our long distance phone session that followed I was told to stretch the spermatic cords regularly, which i did, But soon after our sessions took a different direction with being instructed to buy different items for our sessions. A bander and castration rings, large rubber bands, dildo, and a nylon stocking to have on hand for various stretching and tying application. Has things first started the bander was used with the castration rings being placed placed on my scrotum for ten to twenty minutes. This would render a certain calm to my libido which i was thankful for, usually lasting a couple of weeks. Then once again i would schedule another session seeking the relief of a very active and i may add at this time annoying libido. The calm was great but only lasted a few weeks. Has time went on during the phone sessions that followed, i noticed the bands being left on long and longer, MsPatty being pleased with the increasing time.  At longest just short of an hour. Along with the castration bands around the scrotum additional rubber bands were to be placed on the clit, just behind the head, then mid shaft, and again at the base near the body. This left me completely numb down there. The result was my two weeks of no libido went to a month or possibly a little longer. But a different side effect then became obvious, I could no longer get an erection or could i ejaculate. These functions are pretty much gone has a result. If there is an occasional erection it is not very firm, i could not have sex with a woman unless it was with my tongue. And to ejaculate is rare and small in quantity. Oh by the way since i did mention small, the size of my clit has shrunk to half its original size. Testosterone test levels have dropped into the low range. All this results from a few in person sessions and many phone sessions.

    I must say with all the changes that have gone on, my sexual preference has changed to being more open along with my feminine side being dominate in my life. Strange what the future holds and how guided by MsPatty has redirected my life in such a positive way.

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