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After Effects: sub jason, questionnaire after ~2 years

From 19 months ago (5/2020), sub jason filled out this form with some points of castration experiences made by others.  his answers then, and now at 24 months since 12/26/2019, appear side-by-side:

For the first month or so:

    You may not physically feel any different, although the internal feeling that something is missing slowly creeps in.

 5Mos: Generally true, but the first 2 weeks was masked mostly by organ swelling and regional pain.

24Mos: i continue to feel sexually inadequate between my thighs.

    You will gradually lose your sex drive.

 5Mos: i had little to none soon after until about 3+ months later. While some has returned, it's still currently low.

24Mos: The interest in a partner has settled.  my basic desire is for an orgasm once or twice a week by masturbation, which is all i am able to achieve.

Emotionally, you tend to want to masturbate more and more, while it is still possible.

 5Mos: This was true, but i held myself to about twice a week for release measurement purposes. The urge to know if they were still working was the prominent interest.
24Mos: i edge constantly, but rarely get hard. i am biologically unable to produce enough fluid for an enjoyable release more than 1-2 times a week.

Past a few weeks to a month:

You will have random hot flashes and night sweats, and they may continue for weeks, months, or more.

 5Mos: True, and they continued with slightly less intensity past 3 months, but rare now at 5 months.

24Mos: i am more sensitive to hard work and more excessive temps.  The struggle to regulate my body temperature/comfort zone is more noticeable.

    Your penis will slowly shrink and atrophy.

 5Mos: It lost ~20% of its former erect length, unknown girth loss (erect) in the initial weeks. It has regained about half of what length was lost.

24Mos: i have not regained any additional length.  Achieving sufficient firmness still takes effort.  Except for the brief period before a release, i am a stubby but semi-soft/thicker 3+".

    Your penis will lose sensitivity, with physical contact becoming more like any other part of your skin.

 5Mos: True. It has since regained some sensitivity after 3+ months, but not back to what it was.

24Mos: The sensitivity level is about the same as it was over a year ago.  It continues to affect my ability to become and stay hard and aroused.

    As your testicles atrophy, you will lose most of the sexual feelings once centered in your groin region.

 5Mos: It had produced a void feeling in the region soon after, for several weeks, which dissipated to neutral and a slight recovery after some hormone production rebounded near 3+ months.

24Mos: Much of my past evaluation was masked by the optimism that my libido was still returning.  my libido is very weak.  my loins feel neutral most of the time.

    Your testicles will lose mass, and your scrotum will shrink.

 5Mos: They lost ~50% in volume and have only recently regained a small of that amount back.

24Mos: The volume calculations at 24 months, and visual evaluation, indicate a testicle volume which has settled just below human male average.

    Erections will become less firm, then weak, until they become impossible to achieve.

 5Mos: Erections became difficult with physical stimulation, impossible to achieve by mental efforts, and only recently improved a little approaching 4-5 months.

24Mos: Erections remain an effort to achieve and require multiple sources of stimulation to gain and maintain.  i am otherwise limp all of the time.

    M/F sexual dysphoria will be reduced.

Not an issue before, 5Mos, or at 24Mos.

    M/Eunuch sexual dysphoria will be reduced.

Not an issue before, 5Mos, or at 24Mos.

    You may experience more emotional episodes.

Not an issue before, 5Mos, or at 24Mos.

Longer Term: COVID isolation protocol has made some of this difficult to directly attribute.

    You may lose upper body muscle and strength.

Some may have been lost at this point, with a note toward both age and COVID lifestyle contributing to reduced physical activity.

    You will likely gain abdominal fat.

 No change in weight @ 2+ months, but heavier at 5 months and more so toward 24 months due to world events (COVID) and reduced physical activity.

    You will stop looking at women within a sexual context.

 5Mos: This was true particularly during the 1–2-month period. Due to a lack of being able to sexually perform, there is reduced interest.

24Mos: The interest returned for a while, but the reality of my inability to perform naturally has been proven.  My desire to pursue someone, then reveal i am impotent, seems like a waste of effort.

    Mustache and bear growth reduces dramatically.

 Not seen yet.

    Body hair softens, thins, or disappears.

 Did not occur, although some slowing of baldness may have happened.

    You will feel as if you are asexual.

 Did not occur.

    Female breasts may develop over a period of a couple of years.

 Did not occur. 

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