Sunday, December 5, 2021

Countdown 2021 Begins Now: sub jason.

On December 26th 2019 I injected Everclear into each of My testicles between sub jason's thighs, 30 minutes into an hour long banding.  I chose to allow him to keep My balls for another year but with a reminder. 

Judgement day, December 26th, 2020 then came. One syringe was filled with saline which would allow him to keep My testicles for another year and one syringe filled with enough Everclear to render My testicles truly castrated. I allowed him a choice, a 50/50 choice. With his choice, he was allowed to keep them one more year. 

Once again on December 31st 2021, I will be making My choice whether to allow him to keep My balls for another year or to take them. On Twitter, I am posting surveys, videos and pictures from the last 2 years during this journey. 

Be a part of My decision. Share My posts on Twitter and possibly be a part of this life changing event. 

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