Thursday, October 21, 2021

Morning Experiment with sub jason...

The morning started with collecting sub jason's blood to send off to the lab for his current testosterone level. We've been testing his testosterone every few months since December 2019 when I banded My balls between his thighs for an hour and injected Everclear about 30 minutes into each testicle while banded. Yes, the results are in but will be posted in the following update since this update is being posted later than expected. 

The experiment began with giving sub jason a little blue pill and a bottle of water. The theory was that even though the hour banding/Everclear injections decreased sub jason's testosterone to below normal which resulted in decreased libido as well as erectile problems, that erectile medication would be successful even with the decreased testosterone. My theory was correct but was limited. As you can see above, he was able to achieve an erection even with no stimulation. Of course that was limited to roughly an hour before the erections didn't last longer than a few minutes and wasn't full erections. 

If you've not been following sub jason's journey since December 2019 but would like to, just search My Medical blog for sub jason.

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