Saturday, December 17, 2022

Latest Libido Questionnaire: sub jason.

This is the latest libido questionnaire that sub jason has filled out prior to Judgment Day 2022. This should give you an idea of his current situation, libido wise. 
You are receiving this questionnaire to help Me understand your current libido/sex drive, and/or possibly any change in it you may have experienced in our journey together.  I may have attached this to a correspondence with additional guidance or context, so I need you to follow that.  If not, your answers should generally apply to the past few weeks unless otherwise noted.

If some question numbers are missing, they may have not applied to our shared interests/experiences/journey, and I have omitted them.  Some questions may be based upon physiological responses (or lack thereof) which you are not experiencing and may not have an answer at this time.

The familiar name I know you by (sub/sissy/bttm)_sub jason.

Make note of the day/month/year when you are filling this out here: 12/12/2022.

About how long ago was the experience which brought about observable changes in your libido?

1082_ days/weeks/months/years (Hint: Google can help, if you ask Her correctly)

Now save the questionnaire before you continue, replacing 'male' with your familiar name, and replace mm and yy with the current month and year.

1. Prior to this experience, would you have considered your male libido to have been 1) below normal, 2) average, 3) strong? (3)

2. Please respond to sub-questions a-f from the actual experience.  If this is a repeat questionnaire, copy in your past answers:

a) Did My testicle(s) swell as part of the experience?  Yes

b) Did either/both of My testicles remain elevated/pulled up close to your torso for an extended period of time afterward?  Yes

c) If either 1 or 2, for approximately how long before one/both returned to normal size/extension? (explain) ~2 weeks

d) Did you notice if your cord(s) had any bumps, sensitivity, or thickness changes?  Yes, both, thicker and more sensitive

e) If 1, 2, or 4 was answered Yes, have either/any caused you any abdominal discomfort? Not since the experience.

f) Within the context of the above questions, do you have anything else to include? The immediate symptoms from the experience have given way to long-term permanent changes.  i am sexually dysfunctional.

3. Compared to before the experience, would you describe your current sex drive to be 1) unchanged, 2) reduced, 3) missing, 4) improved, 5) returned to normal. Between 2 and 3.

3a. If this is for a follow-up questionnaire, how has it changed since the last time you answered? i remain sexually unable to perform and am limited to masturbation.

4. Since the experience or last questionnaire (whichever is most recent), has your groin area experienced more sweat/humidity/dampness than usual?  No changes at ~3 years.

5. Has your ability to achieve spontaneous (non-physically stimulated) erections changed?   Please describe anything you may have noticed. - i remain unable to gain an erection without physical stimulation, or pharmaceutical assistance.

6. Since the experience or last questionnaire, has your flaccid/at-rest member (inside underwear & jeans/shorts) changed in sensitivity? i.e. - has it become more sensitive? or less, possibly like normal skin elsewhere on your body? or some combination of both?  - No changes since last questionnaire.  my penis sensitivity remains low.

7. Aside from any lingering physical symptoms from the experience, do you mentally 'feel' any different between your thighs than before?  As in neutral, something missing, void?  If so, explain:  - i am still very close to neutral most of the time.  Sometimes in the morning, when testosterone is at its highest, i may notice something more, and when i am on extended chastity.

8. Has your at-rest member become noticeably smaller/retracted/atrophied? and/or gained in size?  If changes have occurred, explain the most recent you have noticed.

- i remain the same as i have for much of the past three years - my package is smaller, and best attributed to the size of a male entering puberty.

9. Can you currently achieve a partial (thickening) or fairly/full erection at this time with physical stimulation?  - Yes, barely.

9a. If you can, what, if any, difference would you say there is in length and/or girth? - i remain unchanged in the past two years.  i can reach about 5" with varying levels of hardness, but generally less than it used to be. 

9b. Assuming there is a difference from before the experience, how does this change make you feel?  - Unable to engage in natural sexual activity with other women, and i am thereby lacking in interest to engage.

10. Since the experience, have you felt the need to masturbate more/unchanged/less often? (an explanation is encouraged if any change is noticed) - i continue to desire to edge and maturate, but biologically i am unable to produce enough fluids for more than 2 releases a week, with a few days between. 

11. Within the past ~2-4 weeks, have you been able to successfully achieve a release of sexual fluids?  No - i am currently in chastity for what is my 3rd week of ~5 weeks.

11a. If Yes, and if several times, about how often have you released in that period? N/A

11b. IF Yes, about how long is it until the urge to do so again returned? N/A

12. Assuming you have successfully released, and been able to observe it, have you noticed any changes in your ejaculate (quantity/contents/viscosity/mixture) since prior to the experience? It remains a poor subset of my former healthy ejaculate.  i produce less ejaculate per release, over a much-extended recovery period.

13. Have you felt any hot flashes? or woken up with night sweats?  or found it difficult at times to get warm/stay cool? Feeling warm after going to bed remains an initial challenge on many nights even though there are no changes in temperature in my dwelling.

13a. If yes, which of these? and about how frequently have they occurred? (in the past ~2-4 weeks) - Once or twice in a given week.

14. Have you needed to make any changes to your toilet routine when urinating or defecating?  None beyond taking care when sitting the direction of my urine stream

14a. If Yes, what do you find yourself doing differently?

15. Has your scrotum's size and/or it's average elasticity changed (less/more) since the experience? (an explanation is encouraged if any change has been noticed) - it has lost some of its stretch, and has visibly become smaller, having smaller internal components.

16. Has the contour/texture/feel of either of My testicles (inside the scrotum) changed in any way?  Aside from their size, please describe any changes noticed.

- None since last questionnaire, although visual comparisons to 2015 show they are notably smaller and no longer robust in their presence within my scrotum.

17. After any initial testicle swelling subsided from the experience, have you noticed any atrophy and/or regained mass in them since, and in any way?  

17a. If yes, what is your current size estimate (%) vs before their physical size before this experience?

- None since the last questionnaire or the experience subsided beyond noted volume observations.

18. Have you (or someone else) noticed any change in your emotional temperament? (the urge to cry, get irate, experience mood swings, etc).

18a. If so, which? and under what circumstances was it noticed?

- None that i know of.

19. Would you say that you have lost some/any strength or upper body muscle?

- Its likely possible, although COVID lifestyle and age are contributing factors.  i have less energy overall, and my strength and stamina are down.

20. Has your sexual pursuit of/interest in/interactions with the female sex changed in any way as a result of this experience?  Yes

20a. If Yes, explain what you feel is different: i no longer have a desire to pursue female partnership with a sexual component.  i am unable to contribute that component to a relationship if they desire adding it.

21. Have you gained any weight? or possibly gone up/down any clothing sizes (i.e. - around your waistline)?  If so, about how much?

- It seems possible, although COVID lifestyle and age are contributing factors.  i am probably 60 lbs heavier since the ~2018-2019-time frame.

22. Have you noticed any changes in facial hair growth or it's texture?

- None

23. Have you felt any difference in your male sexual identity?

23a. If Yes, please explain how it may have changed since the experience, and/or since the previous questionnaire.

- None since last questionnaire, but i remain sexually impotent.

24. Has any body hair (arms, legs, chest, back, etc) changed in any way?

- No changes

25. Has there been any sensitivity changes in your nipples, or breast texture?

- None noticed.

26. Assuming you are able to achieve sexual release (via masturbation, coitus, etc), please answer this section:

a. has the lead-up process/effort of reaching the point of climax changed for you in any way?  - Yes, since the experience, no change since last questionnaire.

a1. If Yes, how would you describe those changes? - A significant effort remains to get erect, and the approach to the plateau is difficult to enjoy/manage.

b. has the euphoric reward (afterglow) period changed for you in any way?  - Yes, since the experience, no change since last questionnaire.

b1. If Yes, what seems different now? - It remains much less rewarding than it used to be before and disappears quickly.

27. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing highest effort/lowest reward (i.e. - not worth it/unable to achieve), and 10 representing the lowest effort/highest reward (i.e. possibly from sometime before this experience), how would you rate your current climax effort/reward experience?  It remains in the 2-3 range.

28. Given an ideal situation to engage in sexual copulation right now, with an interested partner, how do you rate your chances of physically participating (as a male)?  Use the scale of 1=failure to 5=high success:  2, and only because i have a blue pill.  My only attempt in the past two years was a failure (without the pill).

29. Is there anything you might want to add as an additional comment or observation?  Please use the end of this questionnaire for this:

- i know You do not consider me castrated, but i continue to suffer the effects of my castration fantasy, and probably will for the rest of my life. 

Do not be surprised if I require you to fill out this questionnaire, or an updated version of it, again in the future.

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