Sunday, December 11, 2022

Before & After: sub jason.

Before & After in sub jason's own words...

You modified the natural biological functions between my thighs. Without a functional tool for having sex, i feel like a fish out of water.  The details:

- Before: High libido

- After: Low/Lack of libido

- Before: Fully viable releases possible 2-3 times a day, with 3rd output sufficient if enough hydration; recovery possible by the next day.

- After: Semi-viable releases possible 1-2 times a week, content quality/quantity is low/questionable on the second if too soon, recovery several days.

- Before: strong erection, good quantity/quality and rewarding ejaculations, high confidence.

- After: dysfunctional erection, poor quality/quantity releases, performance anxiety, lack of confidence.

- Before: Spontaneous erections possible at any time.

- After: Spontaneous erections impossible.  Both physical stimulation and mental interest, or pharmaceutical enhancement, needed.

- Before: 6"+ length, firm, able to penetrate a pussy.

- After: 5"+ length, semi-firm, unable to penetrate a pussy. 

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