Sunday, June 7, 2020

A Day with sub jason continued...

While the steel collar was around his throat and after I had released him from the plastic, I allowed him to clean up and performed another enema to make sure that ass remained clean for what I had planned next. 

Soon I had him get back upon the bed and restrained his legs up into the stirrups above the end of the bed so that his body was totally exposed. First to take control over his bladder, I inserted a catheter into his urethra. Once his bladder was under My control, then I inserted the needle into his scrotum to begin the saline infusion. To keep Myself entertained, I followed this by inserting the well lubed electro anal probe into his ass and connected it to the TENS unit. Watching, feeling the anal probe deep inside him causing the muscles to throb against the prostate and causing his cock to react was very pleasurable. Such a long, slow tease as the bladder continued to empty and the saline continue to fill the scrotum.

The end result, I had a blast smacking the huge saline filled sack as I teased him. <wicked giggles> I'm in such a lovely mood that I even have video eye candy to share below on My Medical Fetish Video Gallery.

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