Sunday, June 21, 2020

An Evening with sissy j...

My evening with sissy j began with a couple of cleansing enemas so that sissy cunt will be all clean for Me. So important to having an excellent fucking experience. Soon I restrained him to the bed and began using the breast pumps to aid the saline then inserted the IV's I had set up to just above his nipples. This was his second time that I gave him tits so it went much better than the first time. This time, I inserted 250ml of saline into each breast resulting in a sexy set of C size tits. Of course I wasn't finished with him quite yet.

After giving him such great tits, I restrained him to the end of the bed and set up the fucking machine. With his legs spread, I lubed his cunt up and slowly opened him up then lubed My cock that was attached to the machine. Soon, I was violating his tight cunt while grabbing his new tits till I was completely satisfied. Oh yes, I enjoyed those tits that I created for a real long time. <wicked giggles>

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