Sunday, January 12, 2020

Overnight with sub jason, conclusion...

Have I waited too long to allow him to cum one last time? Good question and with My curious mind, I wanted to know. As he knelt, restrained in the steel stockade with the enormous skin sack bursting past the void between his thighs My inspection continued. Smacking, flicking away, My words flowed past My lips in song keeping rhythm with each echoing sound till I was finally ready to find out.

From off the table to My side, I removed a chux pad when My attempt to prepare and possibly collect in a texas catheter failed. If those hard, useless nuts did decide to push out one last bit of sludge then the pad would collect it for closer inspection. Once the pad was in place, I picked up a vibrator and held it against the engorged nub that had earlier been his cock all the while, I reminded him of the possible content of the 3 little syringes and the possible results. Within moments the vibration caused his lifeless limp cock to spew forth a tiny bit of a thick, chunky, translucent crud that had remained in those worthless nuts. After a quick inspection, I placed the pad under his mouth and forced him to lick the pad clean of his nastiness. As he licked, I told him to sent frequent reports because he knew how much that I enjoy details. I wanted every little pain and physical change that he experienced from his long drive till the day there wasn't anything to report. Soon after, I released him from the kneeling stockade. For awhile afterwards, we talked and I allowed him to clean up then allowed him to hit the road. Even though it was 8am, I was so buzzy from our time together that I laid in bed replaying the events of the night over and over again even a couple of hours afterwards till I finally crashed from exhaustion. 

As of today, it's been a little over 2 weeks since I injected My nuts between his thighs with the contents of those 3 syringes and infused his scrotum with 2000ml of saline plus so much more. As promised, he has been sending very detailed reports about what he has experiened since I injected My nuts. The above pictures show My nuts just before we began on 12/26/2019 and how they are now as of 01/12/2020. 

The possible content of the 3 syringes was CaCl 50% solution, Everclear Grain Alcohol and Saline. During My time with sub jason, after the injections, I continued to taunt him by reinforcing his conclusion that I had injected My nuts with the CaCl 50% solution but to fuck with his head even more so, I for the most part wouldn't confirm if I had actually used the CaCl. I also told him of what to possibily expect the days following our time together even though he had researched the after effects of dead nuts prior to meeting since I had told him months before that I had planned to band My nuts. Oh yes, I was playing the long mind fuck. LOL 

I know you are curious and I know for a fact he is as to what I actually did inject. Was it the CaCl? Was it the Everclear or was it the Saline? I injected the Everclear this time but like I told him when I had My nuts between his thighs in My hands that My decision to allow him to continue to use My nuts will be determined on a year to year basis. <wicked grin>

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