Sunday, January 5, 2020

Overnight with sub jason continued...

With My balls between sub jason's thighs cold and his scrotum bright red, I began preparing My first bag of saline and My IV set up. Soon I gathered up his raw scrotum, using the cohesive tape and inserted the butterfly needle into it as I released the flow of warm saline from the bag hanging high above. As the saline rushed into the stretched scrotum, the skin soon began to inflate. The saline flowed quickly from it's high hanging bag as I amused Myself with sliding a well lubed vibrating urethral sound down his narrow piss hole. 

With great excitement, I watched the sound being gobbled up by his cock from the vibration near his prostate, almost as if his cock was being fucked by the long steel rod all on it's own. A constant stream of giggles left My lips as My panties moistened from the experience. Minutes passed till it was time to take even more control away from sub jason. So little personal control was left but gleefully I took more. After continuing a routine of him drinking plenty of water throughout our time together thus far and cleaning the cock with alcohol, I removed a 14f Foley from it's protective packaging and began inserting the sterile lubed catheter down into his urethra till it forced it's way into his full bladder. As soon as the warm golden proof that I had indeed taken control over his bladder began to fill the catheter bag, the saline infused scrotum was well on it's way towards the first 1000ml's which meant it was time to add another. 

This time, the bag of saline was a bit cooler, causing sub jason to feel the rush of cold fluid entering his body much more than before after I inserted an additional butterfly needle into the cantaloupe sized scrotum. Time passed quickly into the wee hours of the night as the additional bag of saline filled the ever growing scrotum. To pass the time, I amused Myself using henna ink to celebrate the 2000ml goal and to remind him of the 2 dying testicles floating deep within the huge skin sack of saline between his legs. 

As the second bag of saline emptied into the now basketball sized scrotum, I removed the butterfly needles and sealed the insertion points with liquid suture. The time had flown by so quickly that I removed the restraints and the straight jacket, allowing him to sleep for a few hours even though I continued to have control over his bladder as he attempted to sleep. Just before I left the playroom, I reminded him that My camera above sees all. Almost dancing, I closed the door behind Me and left to take care of somethings needing attention.

As if I was child on Christmas morning, My mind was filled with all that had occurred. My entire soul was screaming for more as the clock read a little after 7am. With giggles, smiles and a need to get My hands on that huge skin sack of saline between his thighs, I swung open the playroom door. My passion, My lust to get My hands on him once more could not have been more obvious as I turned on the lamp and instructed him to crawl down to the foot of the bed then climb onto the floor where I quickly removed the catheter. 

Standing, I knew he could feel the weight of his bulbous scrotum and was admiring the sight in the mirror that was close. Quickly I placed the portable steel kneeling stockade on the bed and instructed him to carefully crawl back up upon the bed then into the awaiting restraints. Once the steel shackles were secure, I began My inspection of My creation. Smacking, flicking and lighting up the enormous red globe as I continued to remark about the "2 dead nuts" in the huge skin sack between his thighs kept Me more than amused. "Have I waited too long to allow you to have that one final wank?, I continued to tease as I smacked the tight skin. 

Curious? I know you are. The conclusion will be on the next weekly update.

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