Sunday, January 19, 2020

Overnight with sub jason, after effects...

Even though My overnight with sub jason involved several things including infusing his scrotum with 2000ml of saline, I am focusing on the 3 syringe injections of My testicles between his thighs and the hour long banding with the Tri-Bander. The contents of the syringes was unknown to him until last week's update. Since our December 26th overnight together, he was under the impression even though not truly confirmed that he had been injected with CaCl 50% solution that would lead to castration. After our time together, he was instructed to send daily updates that included any physical or psychological changes that he may experience till he no longer experienced any noticeable changes. While I will not be posting his personal updates, I will share the condensed version. I know you're curious. <wicked grin> 

Within hours after leaving, I received his first update.  In his first report, he acknowledge that his release that morning after 115 days of chastity was one of the most intense in 30 plus years. Of course to his knowledge that was his final time to feel orgasmic pleasure. Reading his words brought such a smile to My lips. 

Even though the effects of the scrotal infusion impeded those of the testicle infusion, he reported that My testicles was tender, firm and had swelled at least twice their normal size. Also the spermatic cords had caused the testicles to be high up into the groin plus he felt as though the cords had thickened from swelling. The first couple of days his discomfort from injections and banding was minimal but after a great deal of saline had left his scrotum, the swollen testicles and spermatic cord had increased to a noticeable level especially when moving around. 

During the 2 weeks after our night together, the testicles and spermatic cords has went from very swollen and extremely tender to returning to almost their previous size and only the occasional ache. And yes, he was given permission to attempt to ejaculate which he has achieved. While he does notice a difference in his libido and recovery time, My testicles between his thighs are still healing which means any long term effects at this point has not presented themselves but over time they may.

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