Sunday, March 13, 2022

An Evening with sub jason & Current Results...

 The evening started with placing sub jason in a strait jacket and restraining him to the bed with his legs up in the leather stirrups, so I had complete access to My balls between his thighs. Next, I placed electrodes beneath each testicle and on that bit of flesh that was attempting to hide. Soon after, I placed My balls into the acrylic ball press that sub jason had made for Me a couple of years ago. As My balls was electrified and pressed tightly between the two slabs of acrylic, I began to inject saline into each pressed nut. <wicked giggle>

     After injecting 10ml's of saline into each testicle and sending electricity thru each of them as well as his cock, I tied off his scrotum after removing everything and began injecting saline into it till, I emptied the 1000ml bag. What happened next? I smacked the hell out of that big ball sack for a while till I was totally satisfied. LOL 

Yes, I have video to share which will be posted within the next 48 hours.

      As you can see from his latest testosterone test results, Judgement Day 2021 didn't do alot of damage to his T-level, but it did take an impact. 

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