Monday, March 21, 2022

An Afternoon with Sissy j...

 Two weeks prior to our time together, sissy j was locked in chastity. Almost daily, he would text to tell Me how frustrated he was and tired since he was constantly being woke up at night from erections. I absolutely loved hearing how much he was suffering. 

After using the breast pump, I began infusing his very flat breast with saline. As the saline flowed, I also began violating his tight sissy cunt. By the time I was finished, his sissy breast was filled with a total of 850ml's of saline producing perky C-cup breast. <wicked grin> 

     Rosey round reminders from the breast pump even after I created a slutty set of C cup sissy tits. 

Before he left, I used My key to remove his chastity device. Yes, those bits between his thighs were locked up tight during our entire time together. <wicked giggle>

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