Monday, February 21, 2022

Long Distance Banding: sub boy r's 4th...


In sub boy r's own words:

 Last night I had my fourth banding session with Mistress Patty.

To begin with, we chatted about how I had been since the last session.  I was able to report that I have not had an erection in the last two weeks, nor any desire to orgasm.  In addition, everything feels normal about my testicles in terms of size and texture, although my scrotum is more often tight and constricted than loose and hanging low.

Because it was only two weeks since my last banding, we only used one band this time rather than two.  I am always reassured by how Mistress Patty has my welfare in mind as a priority.  The band went on easily, as did the three penis bands. I am certainly finding it easier each time to fit all the bands.

With the three bands on, my penis resumed its normal length.  This is in contrast to how it has been recently.  In addition to our banding sessions, I have been fitting the three penis bands for half an hour every 3 days, in accordance with Mistress Patty's instructions.  This prevents erections, including morning erections.  And it seems that a side effect of this is to reduce the size.  The head of my penis has stayed about the same size, but the shaft has virtually disappeared most of the time.  And as I am uncircumcised, I have a large amount of loose skin at the tip.  I will have to see what this is like post castration and may well want to get circumcised in due course.

Mistress Patty asked me about arousal, and whether I get aroused.  It's interesting, because I do - but what that means is that my breath gets quicker, my heart rate goes up, and I feel a pleasurable warmth in my stomach and loins.  But no hint of an erection or desire to do anything about it.  For me this is the perfect type of arousal.

We spent some time discussing the pain and discomfort of being banded.  I had pain in three ways last night.  Firstly, I have felt nauseous each time I have been banded, and although this wasn't so bad last night, I did have quite a painful stomachache.  Secondly, there was the dull ache in my scrotum that always accompanies banding.  And finally, last night (for the first time) I had a really sharp pain underneath my scrotum where the band was obviously pinching a piece of skin.

In due course, when the pain was no longer bearable, Mistress Patty had me remove the bands.  The band above my testicles came away easily but with the normal sharp momentary jolt of pain.  Then the blessed relief and euphoria were instantaneous!

Each time we do this I know that I am on the right path and that I want to live as a castrated male.  So much so that we have now agreed that when travel allows me to visit Mistress Patty, she will carry out my castration.  Whilst I will be honest and say that I don't relish the pain and discomfort of the process (for me, the act of castration is in no way erotic), I am excited about achieving the outcome.  And the detailed planning that we discussed for our meeting both reassured and excited me.

All in all, this was another wonderful experience, at the hands of a skilled and thoughtful operator.  It's funny, and I said this to Mistress Patty, she is known as "Cruel" Mistress Patty, but I have never met anyone more caring or considerate! 

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