Sunday, January 16, 2022

An Afternoon with Sissy lexa...

Soon after sissy lexa walked in My door wearing a classic red dress and we had a short chat, I decided that I wanted to see her all wrapped up and preserved in clear plastic. Helpless and unable to move, I decided to encase her head in one of My sensory hoods that would restrict her breathing. Of course, with it, I also had more control over her breathing by simply applying one little finger over the mouth hole. <wicked giggle>

Under the clear plastic, her little nipples poked from beneath it like little headlights. Those nipples definitely needed some bling. 

Once I had inserted the final needle, I decided that I must have the Noogleberry Contoured Breast System. I want the Large or Extra Extra Large set of breast cups. With them, I will be able to create a larger set of saline infused breasts. Gifting Me the set that I want will give you bonus points.

Now you know that I couldn't pass up sliding a 22g, 4-inch needle thru the cock head while she was so helpless. Oh yeah, My juices were flowing as it slide into her flesh and out the other side. All the while, I was electrifying that shaft and those bits between her thighs.

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